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1978 Porsche 911SC Euro w/ RUF Accessories

There’s a lot I like about this 911sc in Texas: It’s a Euro 911 (about 25+ hp), doesn’t have a sunroof (nice weight savings), RUF bumpers front and rear (more weight savings), and the sexy RUF wheels (appropriately spelled as wheel$ in the post).

Porsche 911 RUF For SalePorsche 911 Euro1978 Porsche 911SC For Sale

1978 Porsche 911SC RUF Clone on PelicanParts

The bad news is that it sounds like the interior is a little rough and it’s been repainted. Plus I’m really not feeling the RS America wing. But considering the list of maintenance and relatively low miles for an SC (122k), $14.5k sounds like a pretty solid deal and definitely worth a look.


Update: This listing is very out of date. Why not check out one of these RUF equipped Porsches and Parts on eBay right now:

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