Great Alpina Website:

Alpina Badge

For quite some time there has been only one Alpina resource I knew of that did a decent job of satisfying the urge and curiosity I have for the nearly unobtainable Alpina automobiles: the M5Board’s Alpina Forum and the archived Unofficial Alpina Website that they still host. Good stuff in there for sure with lots of model specific information.

But move over bacon, the Official Website of BMW Car Club GB Alpina has made it’s presence known. It has it all: An active community, a classifieds area that is to die for, and some beautiful Alpina wallpapers, to name but a few features. Of course the main purpose of the site is to act as a registry for Alpina’s.

I’ve had their site open in my browser for several days now, there’s that much to check out!

White Alpina B7
Alpina B12