VWVortex Nurburgring Visit Accounts

A collection of VWVortex user experiences from their trips to the Nurburgring.

A photo journey to Nurburgring

After we had driven the ring, we sat at the parking lot where it over looks Nordschleif. We asked ourselves, were the experience note-worthy? did it lived up to our expectaction, answer were: yes, and no.

why we said no? cause imagine everything u’d imagined multiplies by 100, then that’s the result, even to this day, we watched our videos and we still get goosebumps, the track itself was more than challenging even for my wife, whom has done much more tracking than I, in a Golf 1.6FSI. 22km, more than 100m in elevation change, most memorable part was the straight with the dip I believe was a the 5km mark, it made our ears popped, then suddenly a right turn, its no wonder even Michael Schumacher said (quoted from the museum): “you don’t memorize the track by turns, you just drive”. After the lap, your body would shake and shiver, then realize what an amazing thing you’ve just done. It was simply AMAZING!

My NURBURGRING trip (TRIP OF A LIFETIME) …. Heavy on pics!

Also had a chance to ride in the Ring Taxi! If ANYONE has a chance to go … pay the money! It’s well worth the cost. Some things you just have to do at least once in your life and that is one of them.

Nurburgring Road Trip 2007 Report…

Nurburgring Toll Gate

One thing that GT4 and their ilk can never convey is the compressions and centrifugal forces of this track. You have heard that before but my god is it true. The ups and downs are so severe your ears pop as the pressure changes, and you feel your organs sink as you hit dip. Having avoided hitting the massive concrete wall at Breidscheid for example, you head for what looks like a near vertical hill bending off to the right – more like a rollercoaster than a race track. Most of the corners are blind and require major commitment, while the Carousel – despite how well we think we know it from You Tube – is so steeply banked and so rough, it feels like its doing thousands of dollars worth of damage to your car….but damn is it fun. To a newbie like me, a lap of the ‘Ring is a truly amazing feeling. It’s exhausting concentrating but so enjoyable its over too soon – you just want to keep going.

Pics from my trip to the N Ring!

Nurburgring Long Straight

I’ll say this, the ring is just like GT4 in real life.. almost identical.. Forza is way way way off as are PGR2 and 3. GT4 is spot on accurate, the only thing it doesnt really give a sense for is the incredible elevation changes..There are uphill sections so insane they had me losing speed in 3rd gear floored in the 1 series… Some of the elevation changes are so drastic you can feel your ears clog up and pop in the space of about 2 corners..Nothing can prepare you for the banking on the Carousel either.. it is so much more steep than i expected, feels like more than 45 degrees..Anyway i could go on about this all damn day, this was the most incredible time of my life.. everyone needs to go.

Long winded recount of nurburgring trip (no 56)
Nurburgring Trip Tourist Day

A few weekends ago I accompanied my brother to the ring.
I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as I am a pessimist through and through, but needless to say I wish to now live in germany and become a ring monkey for the rest of my life.

Our party consisted of : 993 carrera S, 993 turbo, m3 CSL, dc2 Integra Type R, and a whitechapel spec 318is beater with half the demontweeks wideboy catalogue on it.