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1988 BMW M3 w/ S52 Conversion = $15k

This eBay auction for an e30 M3 w/ S52 Conversion (performed by nationally recognized Schneller) just went no reserve for a tick over $15k. Considering the e30 M3 market suddenly seems to tolerate prices of $30k, this one looks like a bargain in my eyes. Sure it lacks the originality, and many would argue the 6 cylinder up front diminishes the balance of the car, but I think Alpina proved with the B6 3.5S that any such obstacles would fade to the back of your mind with a romp on the loud pedal. Plus nearly all of the modifications jive with my personal tastes: Subtle, OEM+, and reliable. Naturally a car like this requires a thorough inspection, but if the paint is really the biggest obstacle with this example, someone scored.

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[…] I know e30 purists and collectors cringe when the S50 conversion is mentioned, but these cars might be the last affordable way into an e30 M3 – and they come with a nice performance boost! For someone who is going to drive and maybe even compete at auto-x’s or track day’s, this car is a no brainer. The last conversion I featured went for $15k! […]

beautiful car…if its really 15,000 please email me so hopefully we can work something out

Hi I am very interested in this car. If you would please email me that way we can talk and see what kind of a deal we can make and where this car is located. Thanks, David

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