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1972 Alpina 2002 Touring: Uber Hotness!

Let’s start with the bad news: The listing shows a buy-it-now price of $48k and it’s in Norway.

1972 Alpina 2002 Touring on eBay

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If you watch this blog regularly, you know I’m a 2002 fan. But $48k? Really?!


4 replies on “1972 Alpina 2002 Touring: Uber Hotness!”


This car is 1 of 4, history is complete.

Engine is new, 203 DIN hp, fully driveable for street, excellent for historic racing in any form….Only engine is more than 100 000 norwegian kroner

Make a bid around 200 000 nok, and I will think about it!

This one has been kicking around forever, and given the condition shown (betrayed) in photos taken before this refurb, I would be very uneasy about the car at 1/4 the asking price! Tourings are next to impossible to repair when rotted out in the unibody, and dependent upon construction of the rear fender panels to assure integrity and safety of the vehicle. Pig cheek fenders (added recently) are usually GRP and offer no structural strength to the car at all. It is pretty fotos though!

question/addendum: are the front fenders consistent with ANY known ’02 period Alpina fenders?!?

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