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1990 Audi Coupe Quattro: Killer RS2 Clone!

The Audi S2 and RS2 were never imported to the states. This recreation is about as close as you could likely get and nearly no expense was spared in its development as the extensive modification list details.

1990 Audi Coupe Quattro For Sale on VWVortex

1990 Audi Coupe Quattro RS2Audi AAN S4 EngineRecaro Seats

[…] The car has been awesome for me. It really is everything I want and it is definitely a head-turner to everyone. However, now just isn’t the time with an infant and the purchase of a house. I never tracked the car and didn’t even drive it much. I put maybe 2k miles on it since I bought it in May of ’07 and it has been in the garage since. I just had it into Redmond Werkshop for an oil change and they checked everything over and said it all looked good (fluid levels, CV’s, etc.).

ASKING $20,000
I AM TAKING OFFERS! However, please do not lowball me and I will not part anything out. I also have a book full of receipts from time of swap, as well as an itemized list with prices. To rebuild this car would cost over $30k.

I am located in Seattle

Follow the link above for quite an impressive list of work and rare parts. The standouts in my mind are the rebuilt S4 long block, the 6 speed transmission, RS2 bodywork, and numerous replacement/upgrades of related parts.

It’s always difficult to put a price on a completed, personal project car like this one. No doubt if it were an authentic, gray market, and plated car, it would be worth more. But many of the choices made with this car, like the unusual Audi gray, sport buckets, and wheel selection are very individual in taste. But for $20k and the list of rare and rebuilt components, it’s got to be a bargain to the right buyer.