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1989 BMW e30 M3 For Sale: Turner Motorsports Built Motor

Some very serious coin has been spent on this shiny BMW e30 M3 for sale on eBay:

1989 e30 M3 for saleBMW e30 M3 For Sale Rede30 M3 Leather Seat

2.5 liter Turner Motorsports Engine Conversion Kit- Includes Evo 3 pistons, rods, air flow meter, fuel injectors, performance chip, main and rod bearings, oil pump, updated head gasket, oil pan baffle, crank bolt and spacer, 2.5 liter crankshaft, and many other things to much to list here.

—- K&N Cold Air Intake System

—- Korman Exhaust Valve Gear

—- Tri-Flow Exhaust

*The 2.5 liter conversion was performed by Tony Mann of MannMotorsports and the engine conversion has about every performance feature except a new cam shaft (Not done because car was going to be used as daily driver) and Evolution III throttle bodies.

This car has some respectable previous owners and a long list of expensive replacement and upgrade parts. But with 123k miles, cracked leather seats, and ASA wheels, is it really worth $39k buy-it-now?! I know that engine build ran well into the ‘teens, but e30 M3 prices don’t go that high unless the car is absolutely perfect. And even then, it’s ridiculous jack to spend on any e30 in my opinion. Maybe he just has a sense of humor 🙂

Update 2.15.08:Reserve has been lowered, buy-it-now is now $30.9k, and current bid is at ~$17k. 1 day left.


4 replies on “1989 BMW e30 M3 For Sale: Turner Motorsports Built Motor”

My first thought, “WTF kind of cheap ass wheels are those.” That is an astronomical figure, can you say 993 Turbo? I can.

$39k = crazy money. I doubt even a box-fresh Henna on Black is worth that much. Even $29k is too much IMO.

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