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Acura Integra Type R: Any Clean Ones Left and How Does it Compare to the S2000?

I often admire the simplicity, reliability, and stunning performance of the Honda S2000. My wife and I have owned and loved two Honda Preludes, so I guess I’m a bit predisposed to the S2000 without having even driven one; I know it won’t disappoint.

Scanning classifieds returns many very clean, low mileage, and under $20k examples. Like these:

2000 Honda S2000 on eBay (PA, 22k miles, $16.5k buy-it-now):
2000 Honda S2000 For Sale

2001 Honda S2000 (TX, 37k miles, $15780 buy-it-now):
2001 Honda S2000 Yellow For Sale

And then on the way out of work the other day, I spotted an Acura Integra and realized I had nearly forgotten about the fantastic Acura Integra Type R. And I realized I had forgotten about them because I had pretty much dismissed them — I figured there weren’t any unmolested examples left. And by unmolested, I mean not totally beat on and/or heavily modified.

But I could be wrong. Within only 20 minutes, I spotted this all stock original 1997 Integra Type R on Honda-Tech (55k miles, $16.9k):

Honda Integra Type R for sale1997 Honda Integra Type R For Sale GPW1997 Acura Integra Type R White

The Type R is loaded with cool features, which I’d list, but the Wikipedia article on the Integra Type R is very complete.

So what do you think? As the S2000 and ITR are sharing the $15-20k price-point for clean examples, which would you pick? Which is the better driver’s car? Leave a comment!

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Update: This listing is very out of date. Why not check out one of these Integra Type-R’s on eBay right now:

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7 replies on “Acura Integra Type R: Any Clean Ones Left and How Does it Compare to the S2000?”

I recently sat in a S2000, I am about 6’2” and I thought it was next to unbearable to be in. My feet felt cramped and it was just a claustrophobic cabin. How I enjoyed my M3 and how I plan to enjoy the next sporting car I buy is to pack an overnight bag and camera gear and hit the road. I don’t think I could do that in the S2000.

After having owned both, I would definitely take the Type R over the S2000. The S2000 is more “intense” when driving at the limit. That makes it fun, but I’m not convinced that’s a good thing. The Type R is *perfect* in stock form on the track. The R has very neutral handling, it sounds great, excellent brakes, easy to drive.. I am afraid to modify my Type R for fear of messing it up. The S2000 is faster, but that doesn’t mean it’s more balanced or drives better. There are plenty of track cars that can turn faster laps than a stock Type R, but very few that really feel absolutely perfect out of the box and are as much of a pleasure to drive.

Hello all out there, just would like to try my luck on a even car trade. I have a 01 near mint condition type r integra yellow completely stock with new original spec tires 35 k miles. I am wondering if anyone with a s2000 cr would trade me. I might consider a trade with a older nsx or a regular s2000 but the s2000 has to be in excellent condition and under 30 k miles! Anyone interested drop me a line on my email

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