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1970 Atlantik Blue BMW 2002 w/ 18k Original Miles For Sale

1970 BMW 2002 Atlantik Blue For Sale

Unreal mileage, and the car is actually located right here in Oregon, in Eugene! The seller has the car consigned in Germany with 2-Shores and here is his explanation:

I consigned with 2 Shores for two reasons. First, I think the car will bring more money. European buyers are snapping up rust-free US cars and the Euro exchange rate is a huge help. Second, Jurgen is very well connected and has an excellent reputation.

Wow is the only word that describes this example. And even more so the thirst for clean examples abroad. I’ve been invited to take a look and if it’s still for sale after our vacation, I’ll have to do so!

Check out the other beautiful examples for sale via 2-Shores.

Good luck with the sale Blair W, and please update us with your sale!


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I bought this car. And it’s in Chicago, now. FYI, I showed it at a CCCA event and it won 100pts and a Carl Benz Award. My reasons for buying the car were simple. I bought new, a 70 Atlantik and it drove me crazy until I replaced it. It wasn’t a financial decision. I might add, for any of you boomers out there who are still bothered by that Chevy/Ford/Malibu/302 you used to have, adored, etc. It feels really good to scratch the itch.

I have a 1970 BMW 2002 like this in amazingly good condition -original paint (beige -I think it was called Sahara sand) no body work, and no rust. What would be the best way to market it? I saw in the note above the past owner was trying to sell to Europeans -how do I do that? And this car ended up in Chicago near me -surprise!

Since winning a Carl Benz award in 2009, I took this car to the Oktoberfest…BMWCCA’s national conflab in Elkhart Lake. “Baby II” took the Harmon W. Fischer Award for best “Roundie” ’02. This is BMWCCA’s only 2002 specific award and pretty much says that this was the best 2002 roundie that showed up for this year’s meet. The judges blatantly admitted that I would have won in 2009, had I been there.

Where is the best place for me to find a good sampling of bimmers for sale…. I owned a 74′ back in college (mid-70’s) and promised myself I would buy another one before I die!!! Thank you so much!

Betsy, I would say that if you intend to own a 2002 the first step is to join the community BMWCCA. I recently sold mine in a few weeks after listing. I think I gave him a pretty good deal but time will prove this out.

Craigs -no responce, Ebay -seems risky way to buy, there are a number of 2002 specific sites also -I am still getting inquiries half a year after I closed the add (none before sale).

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