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1990 BMW e30 M3 For Sale with S50 Conversion

Here’s an e30 M3 for sale in Atlanta on eBay:

1990 BMW e30 M3 Rede30 M3 Interior Tan For Sale1990 BMW e30 M3 S50 Conversion

I know e30 purists and collectors cringe when the S50 conversion is mentioned, but these cars might be the last affordable way into an e30 M3 – and they come with a nice performance boost! For someone who is going to drive and maybe even compete at auto-x’s or track day’s, this car is a no brainer. The last conversion I featured went for $15k!

Update 3.30.08: This one sold for $15k too!


Update: Check out these other e30 M3’s for sale right now:

[AffomaticEbay]e30 m3[/AffomaticEbay]

6 replies on “1990 BMW e30 M3 For Sale with S50 Conversion”

Not many moons ago I would have sided with the purists… a guy I grew up actually had a S50 conversion in his E30 M3, and I hated it. But the more I look at the insane prices E30’s are bringing (yes I said insane prices) it just might be a nice way into the market.

I generally fall into the camp that says cars are meant to be loved, but driven. That is why I always get warm fuzzies when I see 997 Turbos or GT2s on forums that are in Germany, filthy from a winter of driving and the owner is unapologetic about the mileage he wracks up.

If an S50 conversion lets you enjoy the car and avoid some of the expensive regular E30 M3 maintenance then I guess I am for buying one.

I am closing comments since:

1. I was never the owner of this car, I just posted a link to the eBay listing.
2. No one is reading the post and noting that the car has already sold.


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