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1990 Honda RC30 For Sale: Less than 3k Miles

Check out this very clean Honda RC30 for sale on BARF (AZ, $25k!):

Honda RC30 For Sale1990 Honda RC30 For SaleHonda RC30 RC45 NC30 Gray Market

I have no business commenting on what this bike is worth. But I do know it looks every bit the perfect example of a RC30.


Update: This listing is pretty out of date. Check out these other VFR750’s for sale right now:

[AffomaticEbay]Honda VFR750[/AffomaticEbay]

8 replies on “1990 Honda RC30 For Sale: Less than 3k Miles”

Would like to get more info. Very serios. Is their a phone number I can call you @. tHANK YOU aNDY>

is this bike for sale still and if so ,which country are you in and how much im in Australia


Click the link to BARF above for the listing on their forum. I just list the classified link, I am not the owner.

As of August, it was still available. Let us know what you find out!


hey send me your number and the last 6 of your Vin number,, back in 1990 I was suppose to get the first one ever shipped and Honda riped me off,, been looking for another one ever since,, cash is sitting in fornt of me .. can pick up in 24 hours…send me your contact info

Pls confirm the mileage and price for your RC30? Im interested.
Thank you.. WY

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