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2000 BMW M Coupe For Sale with Very Low Miles and Obsessed Owner

This is the most incredibly detailed listing I think I’ve ever seen for a car under $100k. This car has clearly been owned by a devoted and obsessed M Coupe afficiondo ($23k, CO):

2000 BMW M Coupe For Sale by Owner linked on Roadfly

2000 M Coupe For SaleM Coupe InteriorBMW M Coupe Back End

You will find abundance information about this car and hundreds (literally) pictures on that site. I have gathered all the pertinent information that I have and presented it with honesty. This car is a true enthusiast car and has been maintained with the highest level of devotion and affection by a BMW enthusiast. I hope this car will find a new home where she will be treated as good as she has been.


I am the only driver, no one (no relatives, friends, even wife) allowed to drive the car

Subframe and rear floor pan are in pristine condition, no sign of stress, pop welds, or cracks

Never driven in snow, only caught in rain less than 10 times.

No burnouts, donuts, drag-races

No food or drink has ever entered the car

No smoke or pet

I love M Coupe’s and this one looks to be incredible condition with only 32k miles, extensive history, and detailing. Blue book is out the window when it comes to cars like this and I hope the owner gets his full asking from the right buyer.


2 replies on “2000 BMW M Coupe For Sale with Very Low Miles and Obsessed Owner”

i was just wondering why you are getting rid of a car as beautiful as this and are you willing to go lower on the price?!? i am interested in the car…actually ive been looking for about six months now and yours is actually in a price range i can afford or at least adjust to…thankyou in advance…Robert

Robert, Please click one of the links above or the picture to contact the seller. I just post the ads of desirable cars, I’m not actually involved beyond that.

Thanks for your comment,


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