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1994 e34 BMW Touring 540i/6: A Conversion Worth Talking About

This e34 Touring 540i Sport has been for sale since at least this past winter when it first caught my eye on RoadFly. I like it a lot and the OEM modifications are very evident of a true enthusiast’s touch – and thousands of dollars to do right. But unfortunately, the price is high enough to surpass even 540i/6 prices in many cases. It might be able to command that kind of price if it were a factory offering, but in the end it’s a very well executed project car. And unfortunately the owner is obviously very honest, and even shows a handful of pictures pointing out the rust spots. While it appears to be surface rust, it is rust. Of course I’m spoiled in the Pacific Northwest, but this kind of price for a project would require a perfect representation in my opinion. Or the perfect fit buyer of course. You could do worse in some parts of the country for $10k, and therefore it might make sense for the right buyer. But I think this car is more attractive at $7k.

1994 BMW Touring 540i/6 Conversion – Owners Personal Site with lots of pictures

1994 BMW e34 Touring 540i/6 Conversion For Sale
1994 BMW e34 Touring 540i/6 Conversion For Sale Door Picture
1994 BMW e34 Touring 540i/6 Conversion For Sale 6 Speed