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1970 BMW 2002 For Sale: [Practically a] Barn Find Roundie!

This car was apparently in storage since 1985 and sports only 33k miles!

1970 BMW 2002 Roundie For Sale on Roadfly for $13k:

1970 BMW 2002 Roundie For Sale1970 BMW 2002 Blue Plate For Sale1970 BMW 2002 Tan For Sale

quote from ad:

This car is a time capsule. Bought new in Riverside, California in 1970 by a teacher, who only drove it back and forth to school. He parked it in his garage in 1985, and there it sat until now. This car has original interior, original paint, original blue plates (current), 4 speed, dealer installed A/C (Frigiking), no radio or sunroof. All factory stickers intact.

Car looks very sharp and reasonably priced. But if you need an even cleaner 1970 Roundie, check out this Atlantik Blue 1970 BMW 2002 previously listed (and still for sale) listing on


Update 1.12.10: Dennis email me to tell us that he is the current owner of the car and here are some recent pictures from the local Cars and Coffee event. Thanks for the update Dennis!

1970 BMW 20021970 BMW 2002 Interior

Update: This listing is very out of date. Why not check out one of these barn finds on eBay right now:

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5 replies on “1970 BMW 2002 For Sale: [Practically a] Barn Find Roundie!”

Nice! You hear about stories like this but seems they always happen to someone else. I notice it says no radio but looks like one installed under the A/C vents?

I bought this in June 2008 and continued the restoration. I live in Las Vegas. I do appreciate, however, having my car pop up first with a Google search for 1970 BMW 2002.

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