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1984 Volkswagen Rabbit GTi: OMFG, 31k Original Miles!

They’re not just crawling out of the wood work, they’re taking over! I can’t believe how many super low mileage cars of this era have sprouted up this week. Continuing that trend is this incredible low mile and perfectly stock (and more importantly unmolested) 1984 Rabbit GTi that Bring A Trailer has exclusive:

BaT Exclusive: 31k-Mile 1984 VW GTI Mk1


Considering the original miles of this car versus the other one featured recently, this is a no brainer. This car won’t be for sale for long.


6 replies on “1984 Volkswagen Rabbit GTi: OMFG, 31k Original Miles!”

Any info on were this car is? We just lost it’s twin in accident. Love to own another one!

Anyone know were this car is and if it is for sale? We just lost it’s twin in a accident. Love to know.

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