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1993 Mercedes 500E For Sale in Portland, Oregon

Update 6.19.08Still for sale, price down to $21850.

Blair recently posted one of these while I was on vacation, and this model has been on my mind ever since — Especially if in the market for a modern classic German tourer, I don’t see how you could look past a good example of a Mercedes w124 500E. I suspect maintenance and parts are just as expensive as that of the S4, otherwise known as the price of admission. But the presence of this car is still really striking in person, not to mention the pedigree of these cars speak for themselves.

1993 Mercedes Benz 500E in Portland, Oregon on Craigslist for $22850

1993 Mercedes W124 500E Porsche For Sale CraigslistW124 500E For Sale on Craigslist Mercedes BenzMercedes Porsche W124 500E

1993 Mercedes/ Porsche 500E *Very Rare/ Numbered!
Only 72k miles.
All service history.. Clean title, clean carfax, no wrecks. Babied & garaged.. the nicest 500E you will ever find!
18″ Chrome AMG wheels etc…

The 500E was a limited edition sports sedan developed in conjunction with Porsche. The Mercedes 500E was based on the popular 300E model which had been released in 1986. Each 500E was transported back and forth between the Mercedes plant and Porsche’s Rossle-Bau plant in Zuffenhausen during assembly and hand built, taking a full 18 days to complete each model. It was produced between 1992-94 in which time approximately 7200 cars were built, with only 1505 total cars imported to the U.S.

Besides a totally new engine, the 500E was also equipped with a hydraulic self-leveling suspension, 11.8 inch vented discs in the front and 10.9 inchers in the back, wider wheels and tires and shorter and stiffer springs which lowered the 500E nearly an inch over the 300E. While the resulting slalom time is nothing to boast about (61 mph), the 500E still manages a healthy 0.84g on the skidpad and a sports-car-like 116 ft stopping distance. The engine was the same unit used in the 500SL but with a Bosch LH Jetronic fuel injection replacing the KE Jetronic and a redesigned intake manifold with longer runners that resulted in an additional 22 lb-ft of torque over that powerplant.

With 322HP and 354 lb-ft of torque on tap combined with 2.82 gearing caused 60 to come in less than 6 seconds and the car was electronically limited to 155. The W124 chassis was fortified with Porsche’s help to ensure this car performed flawlessly in all aspects. Adaptive rear shocks and subtly flared fenders conceal the 225/55/16 Z-rated rubber on newly added 18″ AMG wheels. Virtually every possible option available on a W124 is standard. Four bolstered sport seats replace the conventional 2 front 3 rear configuration of other E-class cars. This is perhaps the most desirable and collectable Mercedes of the last 20 years.

I quoted the entire ad because the seller does a good job of describing what makes the 500E special. And I think he may be right that the 500E could be the most desirable and collectable car of the last 20 years — in the United States. In the world, I think you’d have to consider the 190E 2.3-16 Evolution models and other homogolation specials.

$23k probably sounds like a lot for a car of this vintage. Actually, check that, it is a lot. But I’ve seen examples even higher than this. If it’s as nice as he describes, has full documentation, serviced air ride suspension and had the wiring harness replaced… It’s probably worth it for someone who’s been looking for a good one.


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