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Mercedes W202 C43 AMG: Hot or Not?

This is a guest post from Blair on the debatable Mercedes W202 C43 AMG:

AMG, three letters that conjure visions of doing stupid speeds while hunkered behind a Valentine 1 avoiding the local boys in blue. Yes, AMG does really stand for Autobahn fury; quite opposite the way M for BMW means running the curves while wearing skinny driving shoes. No Mercedes AMG is all about luxury, power, and dropping the German hammer with straight ribbons of asphalt in-front of the car.

So this evening when I remembered a model I had lusted after a few years back, then watched an episode of Top Gear where they drove the new CLK63 AMG Black Edition, I had to jump on Craigslist.

And there it was, a C43 AMG – less than 100K on the odometer, silver, and apparently enthusiast owned. Perfect right? Well not exactly – it left me wanting. The styling is dull compared to todays AMG models and even the recently introduced C-class makes this look more comfortable heading to Nordstrom’s for the Half Yearly Sale, it doesn’t look all that aggressive – in fact it looks like something my sister might drive. Gah, and she drives an ML.

So here it is a late model German rocket sedan for under $10K and I have no desire to own it. I am trying so hard to find that one car that gets me to dive head first back into a sporting car and everywhere I look I am left wanting…

Is there help out there for me? Or is this a cool car and I’m just crazy?

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A Best Motoring Clip of the C43 in action sideways:

Post a comment with your reaction and feedback! Thanks for your post Blair!

5 replies on “Mercedes W202 C43 AMG: Hot or Not?”

I tell you what Blair, it may be a bit understated in the styling department, but that’s exactly what I like about these modern classic German super tourers. And for only $9k, I think you’d be hard pressed to find a better driving experience for less. Aside from the fact it’s a manual transmission, it’s a pretty attractive package on paper. I’ll have a follow-up post by week end with what I find for $9k or less that would be a better a drive — and I expect that it will be a pretty big challenge!

Thanks for your post!!


I agree that the styling does seem a bit dated and lacks the flair you’d find on something like an M3. This car seems to have a bit of an identity crisis, the styling and automatic gearbox say luxury tourer while the 300 hp v8 and big brakes seem suited to a true sports car. Having never driven one I’m in the same boat as you Blair, not sure if this is a car that can do it all or one that is simply trying to be too many different things at once. One thing is for sure, as Dan said, it’s a helluva lot of car for the money! -Paul

I have one, and I love it. Faster than the 500E up to 80mph (500E catches up), I’ve never ran out of torque, love the understated looks (M3 are brash in comparison), and limited production keeps it exclusive and helps maintain resale values.

c43 one of the best cars ever built u all are crazy to think it is still outdated. If I were u mate hang on to it they are rare. Try updating it with some interior enhancements.

Just out of curiosity what size are your alloys, rims?

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