Are There Any Early Porsche 911’s Out There Under $20k?

This is the question that Eric left for me on one of my about pages:

Great site!! Very informative and resourceful, that is why I ask for your help in finding an early 911 Porsche in good non rust condition for under 20K. Yeah I know – everyone is looking for one but I been waiting and searching like a madman with no results.

My initial thought was that Eric was in fact mad for thinking you could find a 1973 or earlier Porsche 911 for under $20k with no rust. Almost all of my initial queries turned up examples starting in the mid-20’s.

But one of my regular web stops in the Pacific Northwest when thinking about early 911’s is Route 30 Classics, who happens to have a nice looking black on black 1972 Porsche 911T For Sale:

quote from Route 30 Classics website:

1972 911T Sunroof. No rust, orig. Black. Needs paint and stock seats

A deal at $15,000

With the market in the tank, I expect more of these to pop up before the spring. While this one in particular needs some paint, it looks plenty good enough in the pictures if it runs, drives and has no rust for $15k!

Good luck with your search Eric!


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I finally found on about 7 months ago. A 1969 911T in tangerine color bought off the second owner of 39yrs. Been fixing/upgrading things on my own and driving it at least three times a week.


Is this car available? Who can I contact to inquire about it ? Please advise
Im looking for a clean 1968 911T any ideas ? please contact me at 503-234-2900

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