A Beginners Guide to Laguna Seca on YouTube

Here’s a cool video of an S2000 at Laguna Seca narrated by an instructor for a track day. It’s super easy to follow along and the Honda S2000 just sings all the way around the track. Interesting that he notes the corkscrew is completey screwed up in Gran Turismo too. As much as I wish my GT experience would translate to real world instruction at courses I’ve never visited, this reminds me there is no substitute for the real thing.


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Took an S2000 for a test drive last night. Top down in the suburbs of Chicago on St. Patrick’s Day. Fortunately, the temperature was an unseasonable 68 degrees even at 8pm. The car handles incredibly well and is very solid for a convertible. Power is sufficient but I would be happier with more. Love the sound of the engine. I can’t believe that there is a car with a higher enjoyment/$ ratio out there now, but I do plan to drive a few other cars before making a decision.

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