Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione Spotted in Pasadena, California

Alex emailed me these pictures that he snapped over the weekend in a parking garage in Pasadena, California:

Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione in California

Spotted this beautiful Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione in a parking garage in Old Town Pasadena today (4/18/09). Alfa made 500 of this limited edition coupe, and only 90 were imported to the US in 2008.

Check out the rest of his snaps of the Alfa 8C on Flickr.

This car is so sexy; asshat parking aside of course… I actually didn’t realize that so many (!) were imported. Lucky guy whoever he is!

Thanks for the fwd Alex!


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I also saw this same exact car parked in Westwood Village, CA near UCLA a couple of weeks ago while walking back from my lunch break. All I had was my camera phone, so the photos I took were pretty low quality. The car has dealer plates on it from what I remember. Very funky car, with even funkier interior. It’s very similar to the Murcielago interior, which Car and Driver magazine affctionately deamed it a “time-worp.” Only FIAT group could come up with something like this. It’s a very interesting car in person and the photos just don’t do it justice.


I’m probably going to come off as an argumentative jerk in the following comments but here goes… the Alfa 8C’s and the Lamborghini Murcielago’s interiors are only “very similar” in that they both have 2 fancy leather seats and a steering wheel. Because the Alfa is a front engine car, the interior is open all the way to the rear hatch glass and looks pretty airy and light, while the Lambo’s interior is basically sealed off from the engine bay directly behind the seats. The Alfa’s dash, center console and instrument cluster are far busier and fussier than the Murcielago’s. If it weren’t for the beautifully crafted and detailed seats (not to mention matching luggage and door panel inserts), the Alfa’s interior would look somewhat cheap (regardless of being crafted entirely of bare carbon fiber). Perhaps you were thinking of the Gallardo which is a similarly sized car, but it too has a very different cabin.

here’s a link to the alfa’s interior and then the lambo’s:
Alfa 8C interior
Alfa 8C instrument cluster
Lamborghini LP640 Interior

Lastly, Lamborghini is part of the Volkswagen/Audi group, not the FIAT group (like the Alfa), so I’m a little confused by your comments that the two cars share very similar interiors, yet “only the FIAT group could come up with something like this.”

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