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As previously mentioned, I’ve started a new blog on Honda S2000 ownership. It’s such a wonderful car and it’s easy to find things to write about. Plus, a new author is now helping out with his experiences. Turns out Gabe bought a Silverstone S2000 about the same time I did! He brings a lot of autocross experience to the blog and has a lot of tuning information to share. Our goal is to document our experiences as new owners that might serve as a casual Honda S2000 buyer’s guide.

Here are a couple of links I think you’ll enjoy:

My Silverstone S2000 Wallpaper:

Honda S2000 Autocross Report:

My First Autocross with the S2000 and Video:

I hope you’ll consider stopping by. Let me know if there is anything specifically I could add to make the site or content better. Thanks!