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Long Overdue: Actually Using My New Specialized Bicycle!

{note: This is not a guest post, I actually did this LOL! -dc}

I posted on Facebook nearly a year ago that I had been shopping for a Specialized road bike and was hoping to start an actual exercise regimen. It’s been since college that I had any regular riding time, and since high school that I had done any intentional exercise. I knew it wouldn’t be easy getting back on but I didn’t think it would take this long either.

Specialized Road Bike

Still, there’s been alot going on this year and even getting out for a short ride was better than no ride from time to time.

But my wife has been kicking ass on the elliptical machine doing 600-800 calories a day and she feels better and looks great. Something clicked for me this week and I decided it was my turn to take this more seriously.

Yesterday I set out on what I thought was a good first ride over about 45-50 minutes. I tried to pick a route around town that had some gentle hills and nice scenery. Wasn’t tough as Corvallis is one of the friendliest bicycle communities in the country and there are bicycle routes everywhere. I was a little foolish though in that I had a bacon, eggs, and crumpet break”feast” and went on my ride an hour later. The gradual rise along Walnut and then the uphill as it turned into 53rd almost got me sick. Which is also about the time I realized I hadn’t brought any water — idiot!! But the bike path by the OSU horse barns is a nice shot with the wind at your back and the rest of the route was smooth.

Day 1 Route, 8.2 miles:

Today I went back out and wanted to do something a little flatter but compensate by taking a longer route. I stuck with just an energy bar before heading out and I think this helped alot too. I wanted to ride the bike path along Philomath Blvd. like I used to in high school from Bellfountain and Airport all the way to CHS. Even managed to fit in a little business along the way with Rolling Stone Pizza (I’ll be doing a new website for them soon) at the Wednesday Farmer’s Market.

Day 2, 9.1 miles:

Both rides should have me burning around 600 calories each. The day 1 ride due to duration, day 2 due to the 18mph average speed. And day 2 was only 35 minutes. I think initially I’ll stick to routes like this as it was more satisfying seeing more scenery in less time. Probably a byproduct of having two motorcycles 😀

Anyway thanks for listening to me ramble and please feel to post any comments with suggestions — especially anything to help me stick with it!


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Good on ya Dan-O!

The only way you’ll succeed is to make it part of your daily routine- You have to make it as important as brushing your teeth. Once you do that you’ll excel at it, look forward to doing it and you’ll realize all of the benefits that you once enjoyed because of exercise. You’ll be healthier, you won’t get sick, you’ll require less sleep and you’re generally in a better mood. I’m excited for you and if you want we can walk/jog the city next week before hitting up the track.

Thanks for the encouragement Doug. Luckily walking around the speedway should be good exercise while we’re there, but I hear you on making it routine.

Thanks bud,


Good for you! I, too, am a bicycling car enthusiast, and I love it. Of course, each person is different, but I have found that the best way for me to keep it up is by having a partner with whom to ride. The commitment feels greater (because you actually have to schedule it and because they’re depending upon you, too). Additionally, I find that having a riding buddy tends to make me ride harder because we push one another. Lastly, it just makes the ride more fun… Good luck with it.

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