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1985 BMW e28 535i: Our New Family Car

We’ve been on the prowl for a modern classic, affordable, sporting German car for a while now. And while we were pretty sure an MK2 GTi or GLi would fit the bill, we couldn’t find one close enough to justify a trip to check out, and those that looked promising were $4-6k believe it or not! Not to mention perfect cars were even more amazing!

My wife has been more and more impatient with our Golf recently and was really ready to shop. Being my favorite hobby of all time, I was on the job. But nothing in the 100 mile radius really tickled our interest as much as the following Portland Craigslist ad did this past week:

535 series BMW

BMW e28 Rear Seat Leather Black1985 BMW 535i Gray1985 BMW 535i Gray

535 Series BMW 1985 535 Series BMW *Excellent Condition***Very Clean One owner**

* All service records and original MSRP available

**This car is a must see**

The Good: It was owned for 21 years by a doctor and the sale included an eye popping $28k in maintenance receipts. Not a misprint; twenty eight thousand dollars!! It also includes the original MSRP from the Portland BMW dealership for well over $30k! This car was all stock in their care and nearly any issue or service item was done at the dealership. Almost everything works on the car, except of course for the onboard computer. Most of the 200k miles on this car are well looked after.

The Bad: The past 3-4 years of history on the car are sketchy. Someone junked the stock TRX wheels in favor of e36 M3 alloys. While they look good, I’m not sure they’re fitted correctly. And the front suspension bushings, alignment, and wear items are all feeling like they need attention. The front seats are also feeling really loose, and the driver’s side leans heavily to the left. The exhaust also has holes in it.

While this post would be cooler if it was a perfect car and a 5 speed, I think it’s a car that was rescued at the right time by the right new owners. Even if another $2k needs to be spent immediately, it’s amazingly clean over all. We’ll have a great car that has a ton of style and is a real pleasure to drive. Even with the suspension on the questionable side, the corning is very flat and easy to control. The seating position is great, and the car has some guts too!

Look for e28 project updates in future posts!


Automotive Classifieds of Interest German Cars For Sale

1990 E30 M3 BMW For Sale in PNW: Only 79k Miles!

Update 6.25.08: I’ve updated the new link for this car, and curiously, the price has gone up to $18500.

Update II 6.25.08: According to this thread on (considered an e30 M3 authority), this car has had a salvage title in it’s past.

I hate to say it, but $18k for this 1990 BMW e30 M3 sounds like a good buy if it checks out:

1990 E30 M3 BMW with 79K miles for sale (clean title) – $18000 (Beaverton) Portland Craigstlist

Red BMW e30 M3 For SaleRed BMW e30 M3 For Sale S14 EngineRed BMW e30 M3 For Sale PNW

Selling red 1990 E30 M3 BMW with tan interior. The car has 79K miles on the odometer, and comes with extensive maintenance records.

The following has been done within the last 5K miles:
New suspension (Bilstein sport shocks and Ireland Stage 3 springs)
New aluminum shock mounts
Added rear and front strut bars
Added new fog lights
New steel brake lines
New brake pads
New oil baffle
Added E34 M5 polished rims
New Yokohama ES100 tires (235/40ZR-17)
Additional pictures at the following:

Thanks for the heads up Blair!

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Automotive Classifieds of Interest German Cars For Sale

1984 Volkswagen Rabbit GTi: OMFG, 31k Original Miles!

They’re not just crawling out of the wood work, they’re taking over! I can’t believe how many super low mileage cars of this era have sprouted up this week. Continuing that trend is this incredible low mile and perfectly stock (and more importantly unmolested) 1984 Rabbit GTi that Bring A Trailer has exclusive:

BaT Exclusive: 31k-Mile 1984 VW GTI Mk1


Considering the original miles of this car versus the other one featured recently, this is a no brainer. This car won’t be for sale for long.


Automotive Classifieds of Interest German Cars For Sale

1991 BMW e34 M5: Get Out The Drool Bucket, Only 3000 miles!

What can I say, this one really does best my top post, e34 m5 For Sale: Drool Factory. It has only 2730 miles!! And it really does look the part:

1991 BMW M5 Less Than 3K Original Miles on eBay Motors

1991 BMW e34 M5 Red For Sale1991 BMW e34 M5 Red For Sale Rear1991 BMW e34 M5 Red For Sale Leather Interior

Really it is anyone’s guess on what this car will actually sell for. You’d have to be a complete e34 M5 fanatic (and Powerball winner) to pay the $40k buy-it-now. That said, the richest 1% have a lot of disposable income and who knows which prospective buyer might fancy a brand new, 1991 BMW M5.


Automotive Classifieds of Interest German Cars For Sale

1995 BMW e34 540i M Sport: A Completely Legitimate Alternative to the M5

Anyone who has seen Ronin knows how badass the BMW e34 M5 is. But even though lots of ‘affordable’ M5’s are showing up on eBay and Roadfly for under $15k, I wouldn’t touch one with a ten foot pole. The M5 motor is very sophisticated and maintenance intensive. Properly maintained cars trade hands for more like $18-25k and up.

Which is what makes the 540i M Sport so attractive. It’s practically an M5 with a more simple V8 engine under the hood. And while the V8 won’t spin and sound like the inline 6 in the M5, the power isn’t off by much. Considering the very low production numbers, I’ve seen at least 6 for sale in the last 6 months. Here’s a nice looking one in Vail for $9500(!) :

1995 BMW 540i Sport 6 speed on Craigslist

1995 BMW 540i M Sport Interior1995 BMW e34 540i/6 For Sale Craigslist

[…]Nearly fully refurbished ’95 BMW 540i Sport 6 Speed manual, Calypso Red Metallic (burgundy) over Natural (tan) leather interior in excellent shape (built 9/95), with BMW updated Alusil engine block at 60k. Sport package & cold weather package: traction control, heated leather sport seats (driver and passenger), M Sport suspension, body trim, sunroof, am/fm/cass/cd changer, with 282 HP and 295 Ft-Lbs of torque (stock). Garaged, non-smoker, cruise, pw, pdl, pm, BMW alarm w/remotes, memory seats/mirrors, and climate control w/ice cold a/c. No accidents or leaks, with 122k of mostly hwy mlg, & no tears/cracking in interior (only minor wear).[…]

The biggest issue of concern has already been addressed with the replacement of the long block. Read more about this unique model at the 540i Sport FAQ.

For such a low entry price, this looks like great fun and easy cruising!


Update: This listing has long since expired. Check out these other e34’s for sale right now:

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