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A Very Soggy OVM Vintage Motorcycle Show

Just a quick post with pictures from this years 2010 OVM vintage motorcycle show. Scott, Paul, Alex and I all came out to see our favorite local show of the year and the crazy weather we’ve been having didn’t disappoint. Feels more like March as Brad mentioned with all the cold rain and hail we’ve had this week!

Here’s a glimpse of all the enthusiasts that came out despite the wet conditions (click for full size pano):

OVM Vintage Motorcycle Show Corvallis, Oregon 5.23.2010

And the complete and rather thin gallery (can’t shoot in pouring rain):

Always a great show and a nice chance to catch up with like minded friends in the area. See you all next year!


By the way — what do you guys think of the new look of the website? I plan to rotate out the backgrounds with new pictures periodically.


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1997 Honda VFR750 at the Oregon Coast

My buddy Paul got his Honda VFR750 out to the coast today. I took the liberty of touching up this image and it ended up as the featured forum post over at VFRDiscussion 😀 Considering I’m a decent amateur at best with Photoshop, I thought that was pretty cool for a 20 minute effort.


1997 Honda VFR 740 Oregon Coast


1997 Honda VFR 750 Photoshop


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2007 Sunriver, Oregon Exotic Car Show

Yeah I’m a week overdue. But with the start of a new school year, several new consulting clients, and little time left, I’m behind on my blogging. Seems like a trend!

I’ll start with some updates on the Ducati. Paul spent some serious quality time with the machine and rebuilt the carbs. While the leaky carb problem was fixed, and the low rpm drivability of the bike has been improved, it still runs very rich. Seems the bike is jetted very aggressively. I’ll be working to get this fixed soon. Many thanks to Paul at the Sports Car Shop for the work on the Ducati!

While the bike was in Paul’s care, he discovered an issue with the steering that was causing the total steering radius to be greatly diminished. Yep, that little mishap I had was due to mechanical issue. The steering is now so… useable!!

Now that I had a machine that was maneuvering more like it should, it was time for a real ride. We planned a great ride from Eugene to Sunriver to catch the annual Sunriver Exotic Car show. A late season ride, but incredible weather. Mid 70’s the entire day!

Here are some highlights from the show:

Getting the bikes ready for the journey
Ducati and Honda

Stopped for a break to get some coffee and gas
Ducati 750

Sunriver Exotic Car Show 2007 Pictures

A killer Porsche 356 Speedster Outlaw
 Porsche 356 Speedster Outlaw

A Porsche Carrera GT, natch
Porsche Carrera GT

A very low mileage and well maintained e30 M3 that I was drooling on
e30 M3

The cleanest BMW 2002tii I think I’ve ever seen
BMW 2002tii

A beautiful Mercedes SL
Mercedes SL

When we arrived in Sunriver, Steph called and invited us over for the Beaver game against Cincinatti at their place in Albany. How could we refuse?! After all, it led us straight through the Santiam Pass and some fantastic corners for 30 or more miles on Highway 20. While I was remembering how to negotiate medium speed corners and how the Ducati likes to be handled, Freddie Spencer (aka Paul) was setting the world on fire with his cornering prowess on the VFR. He made 10 minutes on me in 10 miles. So much time in fact, he had time to pull over and set up for pictures:

Picture 046

Picture 049

And yes, that’s the historical marker for the first Transcontinental Automobile Race in 1909. How ironic that Paul had so much time on me that he could take a break at this marker for me to catch up lol!

Here’s some of the late afternoon shots from Paul’s bike. Not bad for one-handed-while-riding(!):


Ducati Rolling Shot

As you can tell, a fantastic day covering 300 miles. Picture credits go to Paul with his handy P&S HP camera.

The entire 2007 Sunriver Exotic Car Show pics on my Flickr.


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MotoGP at Indy next year

Autoblog is reporting that the MotoGP is coming to Indy next year. Too bad the same post reveals that F1 is leaving Indy for the time being. Glad I got to see it before it was gone! But with my folks living less than 2 hours away from the speedway, I’m going to have to make this trip for MotoGP!

MotoGP Indy 2008


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2002 Audi Allroad: Mrs. Rubley’s New Daily

Ever since Clayton brought by his 2001 Audi Allroad a few years back, my wife has vowed to own one. Having sold our dependable little 1992 Toyota truck to some friends, it was time to get her her due. She’s driven that little econo-truck for years while I’ve enjoyed the real cars.

So naturally, we talked with Clayton of BossAutos to find us a new ride. In less than a month, we were enjoying an Allroad that was within our mileage, price, and color requirements. (And speaking of price, that would be well below retail. I figure he saved us at least $4k!) If you haven’t worked with a broker before, prepare for a pleasant new way to do your car business. You specify what you’re looking for, and the broker does all the work. A truely stress-free sale. Contact Clayton when you’re ready for a new car and see the difference. Tell him Tj Rubley sent you 😉

2002 is the second year this car was offered in North America. The only differences I could spot was the addition of the ‘sport mode’ on the tiptronic transmission and a revised radio and climate control. Sport mode basically makes for quicker transmission response and it will hold each gear to readline if you nail it. And nailing it provides an amazing acceleration I didn’t think a 4000lb+ vehicle could provide — this car is fast! The 2.7L V6 is a watered down version of the Audi S4 motor that features twin turbos, and provides a strong and torquey 250hp. But it does more than that. It has every ammenity you could desire, including heated seats front and rear, a heated steering wheel (!), adjustable ride height from the cockpit, Quattro all-wheel drive, Bose stereo, and more and more. There are more buttons inside this thing than the pilot controls on a 747. Well not really, but at night, they’re all illuminated in red and it looks sweet.

Enough babbling. We love this new car!


Many, many thanks to Clayton for this outstanding car!