e46 M3 and Lotus Elise Comparo

I know what you’re thinking, apples and oranges. But on paper some interesting similarities emerge: 0-60 Elise: 4.7 M3: 4.7 1/4 mile Elise: 13.4 M3: 13.3 Power to Weight: Elise: 1950lbs / 190hp = 10.2 M3: 3415lbs / 343hp = 9.95 2005 Lotus Elise Road and Track Spec Sheet 2001 BMW M3 Road and Track […]

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e46 BMW M3’s are Finally Under $30k!

I guess with the new e92 M3 and 135i introductions to the U.S. market, the e46 M3 has finally reached a below $30k price point. Check out these 3 eBay buy-it-now e46 M3’s for sale right now: 2001 e46 M3 Alpine White over Tan interior (CA, $23k) on eBay: 2002 BMW e46 M3 Silver For […]

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1989 e30 BMW M3 For Sale Featured in Bimmer and BMW Performance Magazines

This highly customized project car features e36 S50B32 euro motor (321 hp) w/ accompanying 6 speed transmission! The owner adds it will smoke e46 M3’s all day. I don’t doubt it! 1989 e30 BMW M3 For Sale on eBay Motors quote from the eBay listing: Here is my Pride and Joy. Reason for selling is […]

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Empty Nest: All my enthusiast cars and bikes are sold!

I’ve been a little radio silent since stating I’d try and make a comeback on this site, but I find it’s hard to be inspired during the pandemic. Shana and I take this situation very seriously and we’re both lucky to be able to work our career jobs from home — and I’m truly grateful. […]

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Gordon Murray Article on the influences of the Honda NSX on the McLaren F1

As you may know, I am huge fan of the Honda/Acura NSX. As a product of the 80’s, it’s styling still excites me today. It still stops me in my tracks when I see one in person. And there’s always one pictured in my next job promotion fantasy. Check out this fantastic article from the […]