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First Day of Summer, I Ride to Mary’s Peak

Our weather in Oregon has been a bit on the cool and slightly wet side this spring. But today temperatures jumped to nearly 80 degrees and it was too good to pass up. I did ride the bicycle a bit to try and get back on that horse, but the ride on the Ducati was […]

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A Trip to Mary’s Peak in Our Newly Acquired Volvo XC70

Just a quick post to pimp out our new Soccer Mom ride, a 2002 Volvo XC70 Cross Country: A quick side trip with Paul and his wife to Van Duzer Winery: And the next day we hit Mary’s Peak for a little hike in the snow with our St. Bernard: As you can tell, we […]


Quick trip to the peak

The road to the top is only open for another few weekends, so I decided to ignore crappy weather and hit Mary’s Peak this afternoon. Plus I was watching track videos last night and was needing to let the BMW sing a bit. A fun drive, but it’s a little dicey with the wet road, […]

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Nikon P1000 Wrap Up and COVID-19

My intention was to make use of the Nikon P1000 in different situtations each afternoon and evening for the week I had rented it. Then the COVID-19 curtailments hit the OSU campus (my day job) and my plans were out the window as we all shifted into high gear to accomodate. Unfortunately I didn’t really […]

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The VFR750 and 750SS Attack the Willamette Valley Again!

The VFR750 and 750SS attack the Willamette Valley again, but this time the VFR is being piloted by Blake in a very generous loaner agreement with Paul. What can I say, the man is the shit for extending such an offer! We took the back roads on Thursday for a killer ride up to Portland […]