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1987 Mercedes-Benz 190e 2.3-16 For Sale in San Diego

As regular readers know, I’m a fan of the 2.3-16. Usually I don’t post high mileage examples, but this car looks tight and well maintained. And it’s no reserve:

1987 Mercedes-Benz 190-Series 190e 2.3-16 on eBayMotors (156k miles, California)

1987 Mercedes 190 2.3-16 Cosworth For Sale1987 Mercedes 190 2.3-16 For Sale in San Diego1987 Mercedes 190 2.3-16 For Sale Interior

quote from eBay listing:

153,400 Miles
Registration good till Jan of 09
Completly Stock
Original Everything
Complete Everything
I just completed the 60K service at Hoehn Mercedes here in San diego since I was nearing 160K Miles. I asked them to go through the whole car and replace anything that needs replacing.
I had them replace any and all fluids in the car. Coolant, rear diff, trans, engine, brake, clutch, sls, etc…
They also replaced the rear SLS system with new parts.
After the work they gave the car a thumbs up for sale. I am going to miss this car, while it was at Hoehn the service tech told me they had a Mclaren in for service and many people were more interested in my car due to the rarity and condition of it. Made me smile.
I do have a copy of the Vehicle Master Inquiry too as well as the service paper work I just did.

Not my favorite color, but this car could be a great value if it checks out. I’ll update when the auction ends.


Automotive Classifieds of Interest

1987 Mercedes W201 2.3-16 w/ Haltec and TWM’s!

This looks like a really well looked after and enthusiast owned 190 2.3-16 for sale in New York on eBay:

1987 Mercedes 190 2.3-16 W201 For SaleMercedes W201 Cosworth 2.3-16Mercedes Benz 190 Interior 2.3-16 W201

If you want a reliable, fast, fun, and economical car (amazing to get all that in one car!), this Mercedes 16v is the car for you. The car drives and sounds like a stock Mercedes 16v, except power delivery is smoother, the idle is better, it is more reliable than stock, and it has more power! In all my years of ownership, the car has never left me stranded and has always started up and driven smoothly.

If this car runs and well as the owner reports and has the receipts to back up the work, this could be a really fun car and a serious consideration if you’re shopping for an e30 M3 for sale! While I think the $13.5k buy-it-now might be a tad on the high side for a car with extensive mods and moderate miles, but the owner states his reserve is at $7500. Currently at $3150 with 5 days remaining.

Update 2.25.2008: Reserve was lowered and winning bid was only $7100! The pictures and description certainly suggested it was worth more.


Automotive Classifieds of Interest

1987 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16 For Sale: Great Value!

Check out this beauty! A 1987 Mercedes 190E 2.3-16 with only 41k miles and a buy-it-now of $11250:

1987 Mercedes-Benz 190 2.3-16 CosworthMercedes 2.3-16 For SaleMerc 2.3-16 Cosworth For Sale

Considering the ridiculous prices that e30 M3’s currently command, the value of this car, it’s nearest competitor, looks very good!

Take a look at the other 190 2.3-16 for sale cars I have posted on


Automotive Classifieds of Interest

1986 Mercedes 190E 2.3-16 Cosworth For Sale w/ ONLY 8k MILES!!

Check out this very low mileage 2.3-16 that the owner sent me to post here:

UPDATE: It has a manual transmission.

UPDATE 2: Links Added

UPDATE 1.23.08: Now on eBay with a buy-it-now of $14.5k

190 2.3-16 For SaleMercedes 190E 2.3 16 Cosworth For Sale

Would you kindly list on your site, I have more pictures if you would like. Thanks Andrew Patrick O’Rourke New York

City 646-744-5757

The Ultimate Stocking Stuffer…Could you please share with your members a unique opportunity to own probably the lowest mileage Mercedes 190E 2.3-16 this side of the Mercedes Museum. What I have for sale is a 1986 109e 2.3-16 with 8,080 original
miles. This car has been in stored for 21 years. Original owner died in 1989, and left car to relatives. Runs and drives like an 8,000 mile Mercedes should. The exterior is Gunmetal Gray and all the unique 2.3-16 parts are as new, but then so is the whole car, Some minor scratches from extended storage. It is missing the Radiator Silver Star. Full Black all electric, Leather Sport seats front and rear that are immaculate. all options avail, ac, Becker Grand Prix, cruse, power windows, mirrors and sunroof, Original wheels are unmarked and still carry the Factory installed Pirelli P-6 tires that look new. Original Factory mats, as new. Untouched engine that still has factory inspection stickers on Cosworth head and door jams. Not a stitch out of place on this Timeless example of the 80’s Mercedes Hot Rod, Less that 2,000 were made of this wonderful Supercar Classic. And I would say this is one of the best. Original Sticker of $42,387 tells you why few were sold. Originally sold and serviced at Mercedes Of Manhattan. This is the real thing I will give the VIN so you can CarFax and see it was last serviced in 2/89 at MBM and hasn’t seen the light of day since. Rare opportunity for an equally rare car. Vin #WDBA34D7GF163893 production date 10/85. Mercedes and Cosworth that sayes it all, but you guys know more than I do. This Car is located in New York , White Plains,10607, Price is $16,500 , Call (646) 744-5757,with question or for additional pictures, and with any trades or offers up or down, Lotus Elise-Super-7, MR-2, Acura NSX, Porsche Boxster, RV’s, Exotic Dune Buggies or very old VW’s, especially convertibles.


Andy in New York.

I’d love to hear what a first hand account has to reveal about this incredible low mileage and low priced example. Good luck Andy!

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