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1982 Alpina C1 2.3: More Gray Market Alpina Hotness!

I’m such a sucker for Alpina’s, and here’s another great looking example out of SoCal:

1982 Alpina C1 2.3 For Sale on eBay

1982 BMW Alpina 323 C1 2.3 InteriorBMW Alpina Gray Market C1 2.31982 Alpina C1 For Sale

This car has the following Alpina parts installed: 323i-based 6-cylinder engine, limited-slip finned-cover differential, front and rear sway bars, 7Jx15″ wheels & wheel caps, rear rubber strakes (mud guards), front fiberglass spoiler, rear rubber spoiler, dash plaque (no. 3-2108), 4 (somewhat worn) floormats, dead pedal, front grille emblem, L&R trunk emblems, decal on front spoiler. The following parts could be from Alpina but cannot easily be verified as such: springs, shocks and struts, extra gauge cluster on dash, close-ratio 5-speed transmission, early mechanical fuel injection system, headers, center muffler, twin rear mufflers, manual (non-power) steering gearbox. The following parts are definitely not from Alpina: steering wheel (needing recovering) and shift knob (although owner has access to used Alpina steering wheel & knob which are correct for this car, which could be substituted at buyer’s request), seats (Sparco driver’s seat, and Recaro passenger seat), US (MPH) instrument cluster. The following stock Euro-version E21 parts are of course installed on the car: front and rear bumpers (currently painted gloss black, along with the center grille), grey “basket weave” fabric door panels and seats, rear skirt-mounted license plate bracket, manual windows, power mirrors, manual sunroof.

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Automotive Classifieds of Interest

1982 Hartge H3 For Sale: Hello Beautiful!

Wow! I think if you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know what a huge fan-boy I am of Alpina modified BMW’s. Hartge is definitely in the same league of tuners. Tuners like Alpina and Hartge are so well respected in Germany, and so extensive in the engineering and modification they perform, that when these cars are completed they are titled under the tuner’s brand name, not BMW!

With that foundation, check out this incredibly rare BMW e21 323i based Hartge H3 for sale in California on eBay:

Update 2.5.08: Sold for $16k. Sounds like a steal to me!

Hartge H3 e21 323i For SaleHartge H3 323i EngineHartge H3 For Sale

The e21 BMW 3 series model falls between the older BMW 1600/2002 series of 1966-1976 and the newer e30 BMW 3 series from 1983-1991. Considering how hot rare 2002’s and e30 M3’s are right now, it will be interesting to see where this e21 ends up. Historically, they have never received the love that the other two series have enjoyed. But the 323i was never imported to the states, let alone one modified by Hartge. This e21 could definitely be the exception to the rule. Not to mention the seller has done a great job with the ad including many details, photos and videos of the actual car.

I wish we didn’t need a roof or bathroom remodel because I’m really excited about this car!

Hartge H3 Links
Details on what parts make up the Hartge e21 H3
Google search for ‘hartge e21 H3’ – Note how many of the links end up displaying this very car. The owner must have been very active in the community.


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BMW e21 323i For Sale

Here’s another gray market car on craigslist:

BMW e21 323i For Sale on Craigslist

BMW e21 323i For Salee21 BMW 323i For Sale

Hello and what you are looking at is a rare model Bmw
the car now sports a 2.5 and not the stock 2.3.. headers,bilsteins,bbs ar wheels with new toyos,recaros no rips or cracks…,dual exhaust, alpina wheel , dinan adjustable subframe,euro bumpers,and euro headlights with h4s full zender body kit.. the front bumper is off in the photos… and the list goes on.
also have the records from 31750n miles.. The car now has 121k less on the engine
The car does need a little work to make perfect…. the car is a after all 25 years old..
you Can also call David @ 503 268-3523 for more info

I’m including this project car out of self indulgence really. I’ve always been fond of the e21’s and especially the euro-only six cylinder models. This one has some really hard to get parts on it already and should make for a nice project.


Update: This listing is very out of date. Why not check out one of these BMW e21’s on eBay right now:

[AffomaticEbay]BMW e21[/AffomaticEbay]