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The VFR750 and 750SS Attack the Willamette Valley Again!

The VFR750 and 750SS attack the Willamette Valley again, but this time the VFR is being piloted by Blake in a very generous loaner agreement with Paul. What can I say, the man is the shit for extending such an offer!

We took the back roads on Thursday for a killer ride up to Portland to visit with our SEO and PPC Vendor, Anvil Media Inc., on official OSU business. The weather on the way up was spectacular and we were treated to the best the valley has to offer while passing up all the various crops Oregon is known for: grass seed, wheat, filberts, strawberries, hops, grapes, green beans, corn, and many other types of organic produce. A ride like this reminds me why we live where we do!

Here are a couple pics from the Wheatland Ferry where we crossed the Willamette, and the current Anvil Media headquarters:


Here is the Google Map of our route up and pictures from the trip:


To follow up our trip, we assaulted Mary’s Peak on Saturday morning via back roads again of course! Highway 20 leading to the peak has recently been repaved at the base of the mountain and the road to the summit is still one of the best hillclimbs out there in terms of corners per mile and scenic views. Here are the pics from the Peak:


Many thanks to Paul for loaning out the bike to Blake, the best in SEO and Social Media for hosting us: Anvil Media, and rural Oregon for best and most scenic roads anywhere!


Automotive Motorcycles Ramblings

We Attend the Oregon Vintage Motorcyclists Show

This year’s OVM Vintage Motorcycle Show in Corvallis was great again this year. A perfect 85 degree day with fantastic attendance that Paul, Scott, and I finished with a blast up and down Mary’s Peak. Life doesn’t get much better does it?!

I’m going to quick post this entry with just pictures as I have a pretty full week ahead. Good thing we got out when we had the chance!


OVM Vintage Motorcycle Show Corvallis

A Laverda hiding in the parking lot:
Laverda at OVM Vintage Motorcycle Show Corvallis

A rare BMW R100RS:
BMW R100S OVM Vintage Motorcycle Show Corvallis

A gorgeous BMW R90S in the parking lot:
BMW R90S OVM Vintage Motorcycle Show Corvallis

An early 91 or 92 Ducati 900SS in the parking lot:
Ducati 900SS at OVM Vintage Motorcycle Show Corvallis

A vintage 1970 Ducati 450 For Sale:
Ducati For Sale at OVM Vintage Motorcycle Show Corvallis

A 1971 Honda CB 500 Four. Once upon a time I almost bought one just like this — except it was totally clapped out. This one was perfect.
Honda CB500Four OVM Vintage Motorcycle Show

A perfect and original Honda CX500 Turbo:
Honda CX500 Turbo OVM Vintage Motorcycle Show

A gorgeous vintage Ducati and exposed bevel gears!
Vintage Ducati at OVM Vintage Motorcycle Show
Vintage Ducati Bevel Gears OVM Vintage Motorcycle Show 5.17.09 006

An R90S For Sale at $5950:
BMW R90S For Sale at OVM Vintage Motorcycle Show Corvallis

And the shot at the top of Mary’s Peak to cap off our day:
Honda VFR, Ducati 750SS, BMW 4 Valve at Mary's Peak after OVM Vintage Motorcycle Show Corvallis

The entire 2009 OVM Vintage Motorcycle Gallery:

Check out even more pictures at Brad’s Blog, Troubadour on a Triumph, for more OVM coverage.


Automotive Motorcycles Ramblings

“Hey, I’ve Never Been on this Road. Let’s Go to Deschutes Brewery!”

Do you ever pull out the map just to find long stretches of twisting road that you’ve never ridden on before? So do we! Paul and I were planning a day of motorcycling from Eugene to Bandon via some back roads, and then back up the coast via 101. But the weather forecasters suddenly warned of an incoming front that could drop rain as early as 11am at the coast. We decided to go east instead to seek out warmer temperatures and avoid the rain until the last minute on the way back.

View Larger Map

Nothing really that special about this route except that I had never been on Highway 242, which is actually the old pass highway to and from Eugene. The road isn’t really maintained anymore and is actually closed most of the wet season. It starts out very inviting, similar to Highway 199 from Grants Pass into the Redwoods, or Highway 1 in NorCal: a thin strip of asphalt draped in the middle of a dense forest with corners ranging from 15 to 35 for at least 10 miles. It would’ve been pure bliss but nearly every corner had the gravel marbles dragged into the roadway by the oversized RV’s littering our beautiful road. Nonetheless, the scenery was incredible!

After tap dancing through these tight and sometimes treacherous corners, we left the forest and ascended to the 5000ft summit where the road opened up a bit. Suddenly the vegetation was becoming non-existent as we crossed through the lava field. The landscape changes so quickly and completely, it was like being on another planet. Here’s a picture I found on Flickr:

Highway 242 conveniently links right up to Sisters, where we would’ve ended up anyway had we taken 126 to 20. We pushed through the annoyingly crowded main drag (no choice) and headed onto Bend. And gosh, as long as we’re in Bend, we better hit the Deschutes Brewery for lunch. I had the Ham wrapped Halibut, and washed it down with their Sagebrush Classic Pils. A really tasty lunch to say the least!

Not the Pils, but a shot I took of a Deschutes bottle a while back:

Then back to business as we headed home. Except the business of enjoying the 30+ miles of tight corners through the Santiam Pass that was practically ruined by the endless stream of RV’s, dawdling sedans, and small trucks towing boats. It’s a public road and all, but please use the turn-outs folks!

All and all though, another great day trip through western Oregon covering nearly 300 miles. And we beat the storm back home. It’s been raining ever since I got home. Perfect timing!


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1993 Ducati 750SS Wallpaper: Created with Canon 70-200 F4L

I’ve rented the 70-200 F4L from ZipLens to practice my motorsports photography. Here’s the first result, some 1993 Ducati 750SS Wallpaper:

1993 Ducati 750 SuperSport Wallpaper

1993 Ducati 750SS Wallpaper Background for 1680 widescreen
1993 Ducati 750SS Wallpaper Background for 1152

1993 Ducati 750 SuperSport Wallpaper

1993 Ducati 750SS Wallpaper Background for 1152
1993 Ducati 750SS Wallpaper Background for 1680 widescreen

I didn’t PS these very much, though the first one did get a blatent gradient overlay applied to the sky. But my intention was to make an 80’s bedroom wall poster effect, and I think I got pretty close for a first effort. Please feel free to leave comments for suggestions and improvements. Enjoy!


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Ducati Demo Day: A Kid in a Kick Ass Candy Store

Ducati Demo Ride May 2008 007

Paul and I did the Ducati Demo Day at MotoCorsa in Portland this past Saturday. It was completely awesome! Their facility is a very cool place to hang out anyway, but getting to sample their brand new bikes was really amazing. It’s a guided group ride with a dozen or so brand new bikes that riders can preview at no cost. Sharp marketing too because if I had a spare $12-15k for a new bike, I would’ve signed immediately upon our return. Later that night, Paul and I were still trying to convince ourselves it might be doable!

Before heading up, I checked the Ducati website for the current offerings and to make my pick. I wanted to try something vaguely similar to my 750SS, but in a brand new flavor. And the Sport Classic was my pick. I was very excited to find out they had not one, but two openings for Sport Classics for Paul and I to sample at 2 o’clock. His was the up rated S model with Ohlin’s forks, full fairing, and full Termignoni pipes. Mine had the stock pipes, which were way too quiet. When Paul cracked the throttle on his, everyone noticed immediately and sounded much more the business. They really should come this way stock.

Ducati Demo Ride May 2008 012

Ducati Demo Ride May 2008 013

While we waited for our turn, the reality started setting in. If I scratched this thing, I would own a second Ducati, costing 4x as much as mine and with a big scratch to fix LOL! That’d be fun explaining to Mrs. Rubley! The butterflies started to swim around in my stomach… I was briefly comforted watching the earlier group leave with a couple of noticeably novice riders who came back unscathed.

Once underway it was a total breeze. There were many similarities to my own bike, and I was at home right away. Riders were guided at a very smart pace and given a great 20 mile tour of the Portland hills. Tour guides front and back made sure we stayed together and stopped traffic at intersections to keep us together. Fantastic route and great planning. By the time we got back, I was grinning ear to ear like it was Christmas morning. I won’t miss it again!

My 20 minute review of the Ducati Sport 1000:

Ducati Demo Ride May 2008 005

Pro’s – Classic minimalist styling with a comfortable seat, spoked rims, cafe racer clip on’s, and retro decals. Nice modern amenities like fuel injection, 6 speed gearbox, and the refinements that are now found in modern Ducati’s.

Con’s – Not so great on/off throttle response, a gas tank that’s a tad uncomfortable to sit against, and those stock pipes are obviously engineered to be lame so you can upgrade to the Termi’s. But other than that, she was a wonderful ride with very approachable power and controls.

A huge thank you to Ducati MotoCorsa for hosting and Ducati NA for generously loaning me a beautiful new bike that absolutely made my day!

Ducati Demo Day at MotoCorsa 2008 Gallery