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Here’s my March 2011 summary of interesting posts on my other websites. Yep, shameless self-gloss!

Rare Sport Bikes For Sale

1992 Kawasaki KR250C3 KR1-S still in the crate!

This post has generated the most comments ever on a single post on my website. The seller is quote eccentric in his presentation and demands of the potential bidders. It’s a very rare opportunity to own a new 1992 KR1-S for sure!

Rare Sport Bikes

Mike hits the Las Vegas Mid-America auction and files his report. He is definitely inspiring me to make this a company trip next year! Great post Mike, thanks so much for the first hand account!

German Cars For Sale Blog

Steve McQueen’s 1970 Porsche 911S is being offered soon at auction and the classic car blog world is abuzz. We didn’t miss it either! We’ll be keeping an eye on the result of this sale for sure.

Classic Italian Cars For Sale

1958 Fiat Fiat Abarth Zagato “Double Bubble”


Automotive Classifieds of Interest

1977 Porsche 911S w/ late model 3.6L swap!

The U.S. 75-77 Porsche 911, known as the ‘middle years’, are some of the least sought after 911’s ever. Nearly every 911 buyer’s guide I’ve ever read recommends against these models due to serious engine concerns and instead point to the 78-82 Porsche 911SC, which is considered bullet-proof in comparison. This car seems to have solved that issue with the swap of a 993 3.6L Vario-ram motor!

1977 Porsche 911S w/ 3.8L on eBay

Porsche 911S For Sale1977 Porsche 911S w/ 3.8LPorsche 911S Middle Years

Spotted first on Pelican Parts for sale forum, this is an enthusiast’s pet project, and his lengthy eBay description demonstrates a real attachment to the car.

Currently at $14k+, reserve not met (UPDATE 12.26.07: Sold for $22k.). I imagine it will take longer than a few weeks to sell a car like this as it will have to be thoroughly inspected before even being considered. Not to mention, it has a lot of personal taste sort of considerations — like that color combo for instance! But for the right buyer, this could be a really cool Porsche-R-Gruppe like car.

Update:Whoops, Paul from the Sports Car Shop corrected me that the motor is a 3.6L, not a 3.8L. Sorry about the error!