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One Silver NSX, One Black NSX: Take Your Pick for $25k

Looks like the NSX market isn’t immune to the recession either. A scan of NSX Prime Marketplace (the place to surf NSX anything online) a year ago and you would’ve been hard pressed to find any NSX for less than $28-30k. There are at least 3 right now for less than that and with decent mileage. Both of these stood out to me because of the color combination’s, decent mileage, and the somehow reasonable looking $25k price tags.

First up is this Black on Ivory NSX For Sale in San Diego:

1991 Acura NSX For Sale Black on Ivory

quote from seller’s NSXPrime listing:


5 speed
72,044 miles

Only mod is Flowmaster Exhaust, but it still looks stock with the original tips.
A/C Head Unit was replaced a few months ago.
Clean Title. Runs strong. Selling because it doesn’t get driven enough.
Extra set of Stock 1991 Wheels+Tires Included.

Next is a Silver on Black NSX For Sale in Florida (I presume):

1991 Acura NSX For Sale Sebring Silver

quote from seller’s NSXPrime Listing:

1991 Acura NSX
5 Speed Manual transmission
Not in snap ring range
68,000 miles
Only 467 sebring silver cars ever produced!
Car has only ONE OWNER before me. It has never been in an accident.
I trailered the car to PA at the end of 2007.

All original with the exception of
-new koni adjustable struts (originals ones included)
-custom exhaust
-8000k philips HID (self installed)
-window film
-upgraded chrome wheels from 00 model (original ones included)

No issues except
-climate currently only blowing on high, needs hvac rebuilt
-super tiny ding on lowest part of front right fender
-front spoiler is scratched, I will include a new one, but you install.

Service Records
-When I was reviewing the records I left it outside overnight during a rain storm, all of them blew away and I had to go hunting for them. I believe I lost about 20 pages.
-engine serviced, timing belt and water pump around 55,000 miles
-clutch and transmission rebuilt around 45,000 miles
-lots of other work, 90% of work done at Acura of Pompano Beach / Rick Case Acura.

Buyer will have one choice of
1. chrome wheels currently on the car.
2. solaris silver wheels nearly perfect

I would soooo love to have an NSX in the garage. Even though a collision would bankrupt me, the rest of the package is so well balanced and reliable. As prices come down, it’s even easier to justify the thought. I’d go with the black one for the great color combo, but that’s getting a bit nit-picky as both are beautiful. I wouldn’t kick either one out of bed for that price!


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1998 Honda Integra Type R Legit Registration All Factory RHD

Well here’s something you don’t see everyday: A true JDM Honda Integra Type-R, and it’s registered! Seller states he’s a factory tech and the car is fresh. Take a look at this 1998 JDM Integra Type-R For Sale on Honda-Tech for $16.5k:

quote from seller’s post on Honda-Tech:

1998 Japan Spec Honda Integra Type R(fully loaded-drivers and pass srs,abs,p/s,and cold a/c
127000 Kilo
Clean and clear Virginia title (registered with original 10 digit serial #)
Va Emissions exempt
All oem honda glass
No dents
Flawless interior 9-10
Paint in very good shape and smooth with a couple knics here and there 8-10
Driven in the rain 5 times and have cleaned undercarriage one a month not one bit of rust!
Tires still oem Bridgestone potenza RE-01(non dot jdm)
Spoon sports air filter and rear tower bar
Spoon sports steel braded clutch slave cylinder line
J’s racing bumper intake air duct
Car is lowered in some pics had tein flex full coilovers and didnt like them so car is on factory suspension now.
Head unit is also removed with factory block off plate in place( factory harness un cut)
UK itr side markers
misc parts including i.e. honda car cover for an 00 si fits perfect
antenna delete plug extra ant included

USDM Type-R’s can be seen in this price range pretty regularly, which in my mind, makes this car even more attractive. So you have to learn how to drive with the stick in the left hand — I’ll bet the challenge is worth the reward!


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Gordon Murray Article on the influences of the Honda NSX on the McLaren F1

As you may know, I am huge fan of the Honda/Acura NSX. As a product of the 80’s, it’s styling still excites me today. It still stops me in my tracks when I see one in person. And there’s always one pictured in my next job promotion fantasy.

Check out this fantastic article from the creator of the McLaren F1, Gordon Murray. He goes into great detail with his own love affair with the Honda NSX and it’s influences on the F1 (linked from VWVortex, hosted on Google Documents which includes original Japanese content and illustrations.):

Of course as you know, the engine has only six cylinders; however, the NSX’s very rigid chassis is excellent and would easily be capable of handling more power. Although it’s true I had thought it would have been better to put a larger engine, the moment I drove the “little” NSX, all the benchmark cars–Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini–I had been using as references in the development of my car vanished from my mind. Of course the car we would create, the McLaren F1, needed to be faster than the NSX, but the NSX’s ride quality and handling would become our new design target.

Considering my high praise of the e46 m3 recently, I hopped on over to NSXPrime, the authority forum on all things NSX in North America, to shop NSX classifieds for cars in the same price category:

1992 Acura NSX on NSXPrime (SC, $35.5k):
1992 Acura NSX For Sale Red

Beautiful stock car with only 26,107 miles that is in near showroom condition. I am the second owner and the car has always been garage kept and well maintained. The clutch, water pump and timing belt were recently replaced. Car was in the snap ring range and this was corrected during clutch replacement. Interior and exterior in excellent condition. Chrome wheels are on car but I have the stock rims also.

1993 Acura NSX on NSXPrime ($30k, VA):
1993 Acura NSX For Sale White Comptech

Unfortunately I have to sell this, as I am being transferred to Japan for two years, and I would truly hate to see it sit. Currently stationed in Norfolk, VA. Engine/Body is in great condition, all the maintenance is up to date (including water pump, plugs, oil, and belts), and only has 49k Miles.


I am going to be honest and say right off the bat that there are a few problems, like the right speaker-amp (An easy fix that costs about $80 dollars), the drivers side window motor-drive assembly needs replaced (about $300 dollars for a replacement, depending on where you go), and the right front coilover needs rebuilt.

1994 Acura NSX on NSXPrime ($34k, VA):
1994 Acura NSX 6 Speed Black

-Comptech Header
-Comptech CF Air Intake W/ Uni Filter
-Taitec JGTC Center Exit Exhaust
-Taitec diffuser
-NA2 brakes
-Volk SE37k wheels(14lbs front 16lbs rear) 17″/18″ combo with Falken RT-615 tires good tread.
-Brand New 6 speed with OS-giken LSD & 4.4 final !!!
-RPS clutch with lightened flywheel
-NSX-R lower brace and front sway bar
-Tein-RA coilovers
-02+ Side Skirt
-CF side duct
-Dali Harness Bar with Video camera mount + 5 pt harness.
-Smart Shift

[…]As far as the body and paint, it is in good condition, although I did have a minor front end damage which required driver side fender to be replaced and was repainted by reputable shop in VA(Wagon Works). No frame damage.

The main reason for considering of selling is because I rarely drive the car now. The car drives amazing with the 6 speed.

I am not in a hurry so no low ballers.

I’ve been keeping an eye on the ‘affordable’ end of NSX examples for several years, and it sure seems like $30k has been the benchmark for a starting point with a good one. These examples all appear to be worth a look.


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2000 Acura Integra Type R For Sale: 10k Original Miles!

Looks like there are some Integra Type R owners who kept their cars nice. Here’s a 2000 yellow Acura Integra Type R for sale on eBay (NY, $23.5k!):

2000 Acura Honda Integra Type R For Sale YellowAcura Integra Type RAcura Integra Type R Engine Red

It’s almost a crime that this car only has 10k miles! Someone needs to buy this thing and drive the doors off it!


Automotive Classifieds of Interest Ramblings

Acura Integra Type R: Any Clean Ones Left and How Does it Compare to the S2000?

I often admire the simplicity, reliability, and stunning performance of the Honda S2000. My wife and I have owned and loved two Honda Preludes, so I guess I’m a bit predisposed to the S2000 without having even driven one; I know it won’t disappoint.

Scanning classifieds returns many very clean, low mileage, and under $20k examples. Like these:

2000 Honda S2000 on eBay (PA, 22k miles, $16.5k buy-it-now):
2000 Honda S2000 For Sale

2001 Honda S2000 (TX, 37k miles, $15780 buy-it-now):
2001 Honda S2000 Yellow For Sale

And then on the way out of work the other day, I spotted an Acura Integra and realized I had nearly forgotten about the fantastic Acura Integra Type R. And I realized I had forgotten about them because I had pretty much dismissed them — I figured there weren’t any unmolested examples left. And by unmolested, I mean not totally beat on and/or heavily modified.

But I could be wrong. Within only 20 minutes, I spotted this all stock original 1997 Integra Type R on Honda-Tech (55k miles, $16.9k):

Honda Integra Type R for sale1997 Honda Integra Type R For Sale GPW1997 Acura Integra Type R White

The Type R is loaded with cool features, which I’d list, but the Wikipedia article on the Integra Type R is very complete.

So what do you think? As the S2000 and ITR are sharing the $15-20k price-point for clean examples, which would you pick? Which is the better driver’s car? Leave a comment!

Integra Type R Videos

Top Gear Integra Type R Video w/ Tiff

Motorweek Integra Type R Video (with bonus NSX footage)

Reviews and Articles on the Integra Type R

Over 20 scanned articles on the Type R


Update: This listing is very out of date. Why not check out one of these Integra Type-R’s on eBay right now:

[AffomaticEbay]Integra Type R[/AffomaticEbay]