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Low Miles 1988 Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio in Black

I haven’t posted an Alfa in a while and this one jumped off the .rss reader this morning:

1988 Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio For Sale on Craigslist (Oregon) 38k miles, $11k:

1988 Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio For Sale Black1988 Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio For Sale with Hardtop

quote from Craigslist listing:

1988 Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio Convertable, this is the top of the line model loaded…38k Org. miles, 5sp, 2L dual cam motor, leather, original hardtop w/glass windows. Comes w/car cover, cockpit cover, and manuals. Also gets good gas mil. I have the title. Must sell, separation sale… $12,000 obo

Anytime I start considering a Miata on perfect spring days, I find myself battling internally if an Alfa Spider would be a better buy. It’s classier, it has a pedigree, it’s got styling provided by Pininfarina, and it should have soul being Italian. $11k sounds a bit rich, but there can’t be many 88’s in this condition, with the hardtop, with such low miles left anywhere. And I have to say the Black is pretty fetching! What would you pay? Leave a comment!


Automotive Classifieds of Interest

Low Mileage and Affordable Italian Sports Cars

Surfing around on eBay motors the other night, I turned up a surprising number of really low mileage Alfa Romeo and Fiat convertibles.

1982 Fiat Spyder Turbo with 30k miles:

The design would take Legend Industries 18 months to figure it out where it would be viable and economical and still accomplish the task of providing Fiat with a powerful version of their already very successful 124 line. The results, a Spyder that would outperform the Triumph TR8 and the Porsche 924 Turbo. Road & Track, Car & Driver and Motor Trend magazines all would taught this car as a champion amongst its competitors.

1984 Fiat Spyder w/ 24k miles, buy-it-now $15700:
1984 Fiat Spyder

This has got to be one of the finest Pininfarina Spiders in the Country! With only 24,000 original one owner miles this beautiful automobile is destined for investment appreciation. These cars are becoming increasingly harder to find in excellent condition so this one is a rare find indeed.

1982 Fiat Spyder with 38k miles:
1982 Fiat Spyder

The mileage reads 38,180 in the odometer and it works. Donor certified the mileage to be original. Carfax and autocheck shows the same result.

1989 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce w/ 13k Kilometers buy-it-now $15500:
1989 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce

This one owner Italian roadster has only 13,000 kilometers driven since new and is in excellent condition.

These all look really sharp and the mileage is incredible. Considering a new Miata is well over $20k, these could be interesting alternatives.


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1991 Alfa Romeo 164S w/ 24k miles For Sale

Check out this 1991 Alfa 164S on the AlfaBB:

Alfa Romeo 164SAlfa Romeo 164S 24v Alfa 164 For Sale

The owner is asking $15k and the thread gets pretty cluttered with board member opinions on how much the car is actually worth. It’s been for sale for a while, so what do you think?