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Mercedes W202 C43 AMG: Hot or Not?

This is a guest post from Blair on the debatable Mercedes W202 C43 AMG:

AMG, three letters that conjure visions of doing stupid speeds while hunkered behind a Valentine 1 avoiding the local boys in blue. Yes, AMG does really stand for Autobahn fury; quite opposite the way M for BMW means running the curves while wearing skinny driving shoes. No Mercedes AMG is all about luxury, power, and dropping the German hammer with straight ribbons of asphalt in-front of the car.

So this evening when I remembered a model I had lusted after a few years back, then watched an episode of Top Gear where they drove the new CLK63 AMG Black Edition, I had to jump on Craigslist.

And there it was, a C43 AMG – less than 100K on the odometer, silver, and apparently enthusiast owned. Perfect right? Well not exactly – it left me wanting. The styling is dull compared to todays AMG models and even the recently introduced C-class makes this look more comfortable heading to Nordstrom’s for the Half Yearly Sale, it doesn’t look all that aggressive – in fact it looks like something my sister might drive. Gah, and she drives an ML.

So here it is a late model German rocket sedan for under $10K and I have no desire to own it. I am trying so hard to find that one car that gets me to dive head first back into a sporting car and everywhere I look I am left wanting…

Is there help out there for me? Or is this a cool car and I’m just crazy?

Mercedes C43 AMG For Sale in PortlandMercedes C43 AMG For Sale Leather InteriorMercedes C43 AMG For Sale

A Best Motoring Clip of the C43 in action sideways:

Post a comment with your reaction and feedback! Thanks for your post Blair!

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1989 Mercedes 560SEC Euro w/ 30k miles

Continuing with the awesome 80’s rides I’ve posted recently, here’s another beaut: 1989 Mercedes 560SEC Gray Market European specification car with only 30k miles on eBay:

1989 Mercedes 560SEC Gray MarketMercedes 560SEC Euro1989 Mercedes 560SEC Interior Shot

Unique euro-only features include the 272hp V8, adjustable headlights from the cockpit, proper headlights and a ton of AMG goodies.

The listing has only 11 hours remaining and is currently at $17.9k, reserve met.

UPDATE 12.26.07: Sold for $19.1k.

The seller seems to be an SEC specialist and notes that he has already sold a few other low mileage examples and is making room for an ‘AMG 560SEC widebody and AMG 560SEL 6.0 32V DOHC’.