Day 2 in Scottsdale: Living the Dream!

I know that’s a corny intro, but it just doesn’t get much better for a car enthusiast and web guy like me. I get to hang out photographing beautiful cars, being involved in a wonderful event for a great cause, and enjoying the unreal hospitality of our hosts, Shane and Karen. My wife and I keep looking at each other in disbelief as each turn provides another unexpected surprise and opportunity to share.

Here are the pictures from today. Not as much hands on because we were busy helping setup. But we’ll more than make up for after tomorrow, stay tuned!


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Day 1 in Scottsdale Prepping for the 2009 Brighton Rally

After a very long day of travel (3 hours fly time, 7 hours airport time), we arrived late last night in Scottsdale. Our hosts, Shane and Karen from Brighton Motorsport, were very patient with our ever changing travel plans and were good enough to pick us up, even at 11:30pm. Thank you guys!

Today we went with Shane to pick up their 1972 Ferrari 365GTC/4. It has been getting the once over by their Ferrari specialist to make sure it’s ready for the rally on Sunday. It’s getting a little special attention because it’s being guest driven by none other than two time Indy 500 champion, Arie Luyendyk (wikipedia entry)! Here is a picture when we picked it up:


Then we were on to Brighton Motorsports. I followed Shane in his Tahoe while he gave the 365 it’s first drive in some time. It was purchased earlier this year, but he confesses it hasn’t been driven as much as he would’ve liked. Not to worry, he as he made up for lost time and treated us to some wonderful music from that big V12 motor. A short while later, he handed us the keys to give it some more test time. It runs fantastic and is very easy to drive once out of congestion. Here is a picture of me with a huge grin on my face behind the wheel:


And here is a short video of our time behind the wheel:

We got back home just in time for Shana to catch the sunset as I downloaded images. Check this out:


As you can tell, we’re having an awesome time! If you’d like to follow our updates on the Brighton Rally, you can become a fan of the Official Brighton Facebook page or follow our Twitter page.


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2nd Annual Brighton Classic Car Rally November 1st

I just sent this out to a handful of car clubs in the Scottsdale area and I’m going to repost here for additional distribution:

Good morning!

I am writing to inform you of the 2nd Annual Brighton Classic Car Rally, which will take place Sunday, November 1st in Scottsdale. All classic cars are invited and entry is only $45; $20 of which is donated to Sojourner Center of Phoenix, Arizona

The event will feature a timed run, or a fun run for those who don’t wish to compete. We’ll be covering the event live on our Facebook and Twitter pages with first hand driver reports, pictures, and video. Afterwards drivers and guests are invited to enjoy live music, food and drinks. The event will be concluded with an awards ceremony.

This year we have 50 entries available, and about 19 entries remain. We are extending the registration deadline and hope your readers can help us fill this event. I would also appreciate any contacts you may suggest for further distribution.

* Official Flyer:
* Official Entry Form:
* Last Year’s Gallery:

Thank you,

Dan Crouch on behalf of Brighton Motorsports, Scottsdale, Arizona

Please feel free to copy and paste the above if you have a place that will accept it!

This event is going to be well covered on these pages as I’m attending as the new Web Services and Social Media Manager for Brighton Motorsports. This event kicks off their season and I’m really excited to be able to attend, participate, and share this experience with all the classic car enthusiasts. I’ll be live blogging here and on the Brighton Motorsports Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube accounts. How awesome is that?!

Stay tuned, and if you know of anyone in the Phoenix area that might be interested, please forward along!