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Corvallis Bike Night Snaps

Stopped by American Dream Pizza for the monthly Corvallis Bike Night. This is a nice casual gathering and when the weather is nice there is a good showing and variety to be enjoyed. I haven’t made it out to one of these since I bought the Ducati — seems like there is always something going on the same night! I didn’t ride down because I wanted to have a couple beers on the rooftop seating area, but here are some quick pics of bikes that I saw. The red, white and blue F2 was my favorite, though I always love seeing Bob’s K100 too.



Spring Aprilia Update

The weather here in the Pacific Northwest has been exceptionally wet, for the second year in a row I might add. So opportunities to get the bikes out has been few and far between early in the season. I did get the Aprilia out for a great ride on my regular loop south of Corvallis where I grew up. I went with Blake who recently picked up an old Katana 600. We had a blast running the RS and Katana up through the revs repeatedly on the back roads. And I confess: It’s so addictive hearing the little 2 stroker scream on these sweet pipes!

But of course the fun had to come to end as we got back into town. The bike started sputtering and losing power, and finally died all together. I waited about 10 minutes and the bike re-fired, but was noticeably down on power. I was able to get it back into the garage and started crawling through the AF1 Aprilia Forum for RS250’s. Sounded like changing out the plugs was the right place to start.

I chose to upgrade to the NGK Iridium version of the stock plug recommended by forum members as a preferred street solution to help prevent fouling. The new plugs feature a different top connector than the standard plugs though and I ended up having to change out the plug wire ends.

This is where I give a shout out to Fred’s Honda of Corvallis, who spent the time to look through the books to find the unusual plug wire ends that fit the fatter connector that is not usually found on wires for motorcycles. After searching the catalog, they found a snow mobile application that is basically exactly like the unit I needed, but with additional length on the rubber boots at either end for water proofing. I was impressed that they were happy to take the extra time help me get the right parts that were only going to cost $6 in the end. Good service is hard to find and I’ll be back — often!

Unfortunately the new plugs and wire ends did not solve the problem. Lots of smoke out of one pipe and no smoke on the other. So time to start going backwards from the wire…


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A Very Soggy OVM Vintage Motorcycle Show

Just a quick post with pictures from this years 2010 OVM vintage motorcycle show. Scott, Paul, Alex and I all came out to see our favorite local show of the year and the crazy weather we’ve been having didn’t disappoint. Feels more like March as Brad mentioned with all the cold rain and hail we’ve had this week!

Here’s a glimpse of all the enthusiasts that came out despite the wet conditions (click for full size pano):

OVM Vintage Motorcycle Show Corvallis, Oregon 5.23.2010

And the complete and rather thin gallery (can’t shoot in pouring rain):

Always a great show and a nice chance to catch up with like minded friends in the area. See you all next year!


By the way — what do you guys think of the new look of the website? I plan to rotate out the backgrounds with new pictures periodically.


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Gallery From Parts Obsolete Camp Out Car Show 2009

Just a quick gallery of pics from my visit to the Parts Obsolete Car Show and Camp Out this year. Check out my route and pics on And here’s the link to last year’s show post.

Here are my favs from this year:

Wine Tasting and Parts Obsolete Porsche Show 2009

Wine Tasting and Parts Obsolete Porsche Show 2009

Wine Tasting and Parts Obsolete Porsche Show 2009

Wine Tasting and Parts Obsolete Porsche Show 2009

Wine Tasting and Parts Obsolete Porsche Show 2009

Wine Tasting and Parts Obsolete Porsche Show 2009

And the gallery:

If you’re a Porsche fan and in the Willamette Valley, you owe it to yourself to make sure this event is on your calendar for next year!


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We Attend the Oregon Vintage Motorcyclists Show

This year’s OVM Vintage Motorcycle Show in Corvallis was great again this year. A perfect 85 degree day with fantastic attendance that Paul, Scott, and I finished with a blast up and down Mary’s Peak. Life doesn’t get much better does it?!

I’m going to quick post this entry with just pictures as I have a pretty full week ahead. Good thing we got out when we had the chance!


OVM Vintage Motorcycle Show Corvallis

A Laverda hiding in the parking lot:
Laverda at OVM Vintage Motorcycle Show Corvallis

A rare BMW R100RS:
BMW R100S OVM Vintage Motorcycle Show Corvallis

A gorgeous BMW R90S in the parking lot:
BMW R90S OVM Vintage Motorcycle Show Corvallis

An early 91 or 92 Ducati 900SS in the parking lot:
Ducati 900SS at OVM Vintage Motorcycle Show Corvallis

A vintage 1970 Ducati 450 For Sale:
Ducati For Sale at OVM Vintage Motorcycle Show Corvallis

A 1971 Honda CB 500 Four. Once upon a time I almost bought one just like this — except it was totally clapped out. This one was perfect.
Honda CB500Four OVM Vintage Motorcycle Show

A perfect and original Honda CX500 Turbo:
Honda CX500 Turbo OVM Vintage Motorcycle Show

A gorgeous vintage Ducati and exposed bevel gears!
Vintage Ducati at OVM Vintage Motorcycle Show
Vintage Ducati Bevel Gears OVM Vintage Motorcycle Show 5.17.09 006

An R90S For Sale at $5950:
BMW R90S For Sale at OVM Vintage Motorcycle Show Corvallis

And the shot at the top of Mary’s Peak to cap off our day:
Honda VFR, Ducati 750SS, BMW 4 Valve at Mary's Peak after OVM Vintage Motorcycle Show Corvallis

The entire 2009 OVM Vintage Motorcycle Gallery:

Check out even more pictures at Brad’s Blog, Troubadour on a Triumph, for more OVM coverage.