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e46 BMW M3’s are Finally Under $30k!

I guess with the new e92 M3 and 135i introductions to the U.S. market, the e46 M3 has finally reached a below $30k price point. Check out these 3 eBay buy-it-now e46 M3’s for sale right now:

2001 e46 M3 Alpine White over Tan interior (CA, $23k) on eBay:

2001 BMW e46 M3 Alpina White For Sale

2002 BMW e46 M3 Silver For Sale on eBay (TX, $27k)

2002 BMW e46 M3 For Sale on eBay (PA, $26k):
e46 M3

The e46 M3 is now a proper value if they have a maintenance history and enthusiast care.