Mrs. Rubley Spots the Edmunds Audi R8 in Corvallis

My wife sent me this shot from her cel phone of a gray Audi R8 spotted in Corvallis this past weekend:

Audi R8 in Corvallis Edmunds Road Test

I briefly considered that in may be the Edmunds long term test car since they were heading up I-5 to Seattle. But I dismissed it as I figured they’d fly right by our little town.

Turns out, it was the Edmunds long term test car. They just posted a blog entry about hitting Mary’s Peak:

Audi R8 Edmunds long term test

And btw, that’s when you know it’s true love. When your wife stops dead in her tracks to send you an IM with a picture of an R8 when you’re 350 miles from home 😀

I have a handful of Mary’s Peak pictures on my Flickr, check ’em out.