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Attending EESCC Event 3 AutoCross

As of right now, it’s my birthday next week and I think my first wish will be to attend the autocross this weekend with EESCC. If you search my site, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of this Eugene based organization as they run a professional event with a lot of friendly community feel. See below for some video of me in the S2000 when I first got the car. I haven’t been in a few years and I’m really looking forward to it. Plus I’ll be joining my buddy Gary from OSU who brings out his Cadillac Seville. I’ve included a video of his as well below.


Here is a video of my buddy Gabe when we were actively running

And here is a run I did myself after just a couple weeks of owning the S2000:

And here’s Gary in his latest run this year:

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Larison Rock 2009: Day 1 Report

Larison Day 1 2009 055

Long story short, it has been my day. I tied my fastest time up the hill today — although Paul is right behind me with his best time ever at the ‘rock and is only 6 tenths behind me with a matching 2:13! But best of all, I just won the 50-50 raffle drawing for $310! The other $310 goes to the Oakridge Volunteer Fire Department, who did a amazing job today, on the 4th of July, but especially considering the kick ass job they did responding to a Ford Focus that met a Douglas fir at speed. The driver walked away and even attended the pizza dinner afterwards!


In other news, Ed’s time still stands even though we we’re wearing slicks on the car now. But we have one day left and we both feel confident now that we’ve felt the incredible difference between street and race tires.

Larison Day 1 2009 051

And of course no Rabbit Track Day car post would be complete without a huge shout out to Paul Breen who built the most solid and reliable vehicle we could’ve wished for with the budget we started out with 6 years ago. Thank you Paul!

Here is my 2009 Larison Rock Hillclimb gallery so far:

Check out Paul’s post on his blog as well.