Announcing the MotoringBlogs Automotive and Motorcycling Blog Network

First I want to say how much fun I’ve had bringing readers at the diamonds in the rough over the past 4 years. I have really enjoyed connecting with like minded enthusiasts and I look forward to making that experience even more meaningful moving ahead.

Now it is time to take my career more seriously, and that means making a transition from passive enthusiast to eventual full-time automotive and motorcycling, web and blogging specialist. I’m a bit premature in the announcement of this plan, but I want to keep readers in the loop!

The most immediate and visible change is that I am splitting the topics that are most popular at into their own blogs: German Cars For Sale Blog and Rare SportBikes For Sale. If you’re a fan of, you’ll love these two blogs! They both follow the familiar “best of for sale” listings and resource guides you’re used to at this site, but both have much nicer .rss and email subscription options than I have utilized before. I hope you’ll consider subscribing. If not, don’t worry, I’ll still be highlighting these new blogs on on a regular basis.

These two blogs are the first to be part of my new automotive blog network, MotoringBlogs. My hope for the network is two fold:

  1. Provide greater focus and detail to the automotive and motorcycling niche that the enthusiast searches for. The ability to provide more than a highlight reel or summary of information, and instead cater to the intense and educated enthusiast with detailed and opinionated editorial blog content.
  2. Build a network of authors, websites, and enthusiast readers that grow together to gain access and knowledge via an entertaining and informative blogging style to address sports cars, motorcycles, amateur motorsports, and the latest in breaking industry news.

The MotoringBlogs concept is in it’s infancy, but will grow quickly. More details will follow in the coming months. I will of course keep readers informed first!

I hope you’ll find MotorBlogs to be an even better resource than has been and I welcome your feedback in the comments below.


Automotive Classifieds of Interest German Cars For Sale

Low Miles Mercedes 2.3-16 For Sale: Another Success Story

Matt emailed me tonight to give me the heads up that his Merc 190 2.3-16 was for sale. Naturally I had spotted it on eBay earlier today and had it bookmarked to blog tonight. It seemed like deja vu, and it turns out it was as this car was listed earlier this year on, and he was the high bidder.

To be honest, I’ve clicked back on my own post a number of times thinking to myself, “that was a damn good deal on really good looking car. Why didn’t I buy that?!” Maybe you’ve been thinking that too, and now you have your chance too.

I’ve got his car posted over at one of my new blogs,

Good luck with the sale Matt!


Automotive Classifieds of Interest

2000 BMW M Coupe For Sale with Very Low Miles and Obsessed Owner

This is the most incredibly detailed listing I think I’ve ever seen for a car under $100k. This car has clearly been owned by a devoted and obsessed M Coupe afficiondo ($23k, CO):

2000 BMW M Coupe For Sale by Owner linked on Roadfly

2000 M Coupe For SaleM Coupe InteriorBMW M Coupe Back End

You will find abundance information about this car and hundreds (literally) pictures on that site. I have gathered all the pertinent information that I have and presented it with honesty. This car is a true enthusiast car and has been maintained with the highest level of devotion and affection by a BMW enthusiast. I hope this car will find a new home where she will be treated as good as she has been.


I am the only driver, no one (no relatives, friends, even wife) allowed to drive the car

Subframe and rear floor pan are in pristine condition, no sign of stress, pop welds, or cracks

Never driven in snow, only caught in rain less than 10 times.

No burnouts, donuts, drag-races

No food or drink has ever entered the car

No smoke or pet

I love M Coupe’s and this one looks to be incredible condition with only 32k miles, extensive history, and detailing. Blue book is out the window when it comes to cars like this and I hope the owner gets his full asking from the right buyer.


Automotive Classifieds of Interest

e46 BMW M3’s are Finally Under $30k!

I guess with the new e92 M3 and 135i introductions to the U.S. market, the e46 M3 has finally reached a below $30k price point. Check out these 3 eBay buy-it-now e46 M3’s for sale right now:

2001 e46 M3 Alpine White over Tan interior (CA, $23k) on eBay:

2001 BMW e46 M3 Alpina White For Sale

2002 BMW e46 M3 Silver For Sale on eBay (TX, $27k)

2002 BMW e46 M3 For Sale on eBay (PA, $26k):
e46 M3

The e46 M3 is now a proper value if they have a maintenance history and enthusiast care.


Automotive Classifieds of Interest

1982 Hartge H3 For Sale: Hello Beautiful!

Wow! I think if you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know what a huge fan-boy I am of Alpina modified BMW’s. Hartge is definitely in the same league of tuners. Tuners like Alpina and Hartge are so well respected in Germany, and so extensive in the engineering and modification they perform, that when these cars are completed they are titled under the tuner’s brand name, not BMW!

With that foundation, check out this incredibly rare BMW e21 323i based Hartge H3 for sale in California on eBay:

Update 2.5.08: Sold for $16k. Sounds like a steal to me!

Hartge H3 e21 323i For SaleHartge H3 323i EngineHartge H3 For Sale

The e21 BMW 3 series model falls between the older BMW 1600/2002 series of 1966-1976 and the newer e30 BMW 3 series from 1983-1991. Considering how hot rare 2002’s and e30 M3’s are right now, it will be interesting to see where this e21 ends up. Historically, they have never received the love that the other two series have enjoyed. But the 323i was never imported to the states, let alone one modified by Hartge. This e21 could definitely be the exception to the rule. Not to mention the seller has done a great job with the ad including many details, photos and videos of the actual car.

I wish we didn’t need a roof or bathroom remodel because I’m really excited about this car!

Hartge H3 Links
Details on what parts make up the Hartge e21 H3
Google search for ‘hartge e21 H3’ – Note how many of the links end up displaying this very car. The owner must have been very active in the community.