Tired of Nürburgring Nordschleife Videos? Me Neither!

Here’s a great video of Niki Lauda hitting the ‘ring in an F1 race in 1975. The overhead shots really demonstrate just how narrow most of the ‘ring really is.

Source: BridgeToGantry of course.


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HockenheimRing Museum Pictures from my Trip Last Spring

Euro Trip 2008 170 copy

Here are my pics from the HockenheimRing Museum this past spring. I forgot I had even taken these until I stumbled on this eBayMotors auction for a Ducati 350 racebike. When I saw the pictures (which are worth checking out) in the ad I thought to myself, “that reminds me…”

The reason I forgot though is because my pictures are forgettable. They’re out of focus and poorly exposed mostly. Which is really disappointing because I had the whole place to myself.

I had only a day or two left in Germany and I was determined to fit this trip in. So I got up early and drove the doors off our little Merc so I could get there at 10am when they opened. The plan was to be back by early afternoon. I was pretty proud of my planning as I rolled into the HockenheimRing complex at 10:05. No on-track access in the middle of the week, so it was an easy drive right up to the Museum located just outside the track. Apparently they don’t get many visitors on off race weekends as I arrived to find the doors locked. I actually found this pretty shocking as everything in Germany operates as advertised. I pressed my face closer to the glass door and you could clearly tell the lights weren’t even on yet. I was pretty disappointed as I accepted the fact that they might be closed for some reason, and I had just driven nearly 3 hours to get here on a precious last day of the trip. I was just about to drive away when the nice woman who runs the museum flagged me down and let me in.

A lot of the pics are bad because the lights were still off for most of them and I fooled myself into thinking a tripod would’ve been a waste of space on the plane. But for the next hour and a half, I had the entire place to myself and I had a great time soaking up all the great hardware on display. Probably 80% motorcycles, and they all looked like they were kept in preserved and running condition. Most had drip pans underneath and were very original rather than restored.

Enough blabbing, onto the pics! If you have details on models, please feel free to leave comments on the blog post or click through to the Flickr account for each picture.

An extra special thanks to the Museum employee who not only made sure I got to see the collection, but spent at least 20 minutes with me sifting through original HockenheimRing event posters for my souvenier!


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Low Miles Mercedes 2.3-16 For Sale: Another Success Story

Matt emailed me tonight to give me the heads up that his Merc 190 2.3-16 was for sale. Naturally I had spotted it on eBay earlier today and had it bookmarked to blog tonight. It seemed like deja vu, and it turns out it was as this car was listed earlier this year on, and he was the high bidder.

To be honest, I’ve clicked back on my own post a number of times thinking to myself, “that was a damn good deal on really good looking car. Why didn’t I buy that?!” Maybe you’ve been thinking that too, and now you have your chance too.

I’ve got his car posted over at one of my new blogs,

Good luck with the sale Matt!


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1970 Atlantik Blue BMW 2002 w/ 18k Original Miles For Sale

1970 BMW 2002 Atlantik Blue For Sale

Unreal mileage, and the car is actually located right here in Oregon, in Eugene! The seller has the car consigned in Germany with 2-Shores and here is his explanation:

I consigned with 2 Shores for two reasons. First, I think the car will bring more money. European buyers are snapping up rust-free US cars and the Euro exchange rate is a huge help. Second, Jurgen is very well connected and has an excellent reputation.

Wow is the only word that describes this example. And even more so the thirst for clean examples abroad. I’ve been invited to take a look and if it’s still for sale after our vacation, I’ll have to do so!

Check out the other beautiful examples for sale via 2-Shores.

Good luck with the sale Blair W, and please update us with your sale!