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1982 Hartge H3 For Sale: Hello Beautiful!

Wow! I think if you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know what a huge fan-boy I am of Alpina modified BMW’s. Hartge is definitely in the same league of tuners. Tuners like Alpina and Hartge are so well respected in Germany, and so extensive in the engineering and modification they perform, that when these cars are completed they are titled under the tuner’s brand name, not BMW!

With that foundation, check out this incredibly rare BMW e21 323i based Hartge H3 for sale in California on eBay:

Update 2.5.08: Sold for $16k. Sounds like a steal to me!

Hartge H3 e21 323i For SaleHartge H3 323i EngineHartge H3 For Sale

The e21 BMW 3 series model falls between the older BMW 1600/2002 series of 1966-1976 and the newer e30 BMW 3 series from 1983-1991. Considering how hot rare 2002’s and e30 M3’s are right now, it will be interesting to see where this e21 ends up. Historically, they have never received the love that the other two series have enjoyed. But the 323i was never imported to the states, let alone one modified by Hartge. This e21 could definitely be the exception to the rule. Not to mention the seller has done a great job with the ad including many details, photos and videos of the actual car.

I wish we didn’t need a roof or bathroom remodel because I’m really excited about this car!

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