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Hartge H3 2.1L Display Motor

I was doing some late night surfing on German eBay last night and came across this rare piece: A 2.1L Hartge motor for the e36 3 series and the current bid is only 188 Euros! Check out the pics:

Hartge H3 2.1L Display Motor

Hartge H3 2.1L Display MotorHartge H3 2.1L Display MotorHartge H3 2.1L Display MotorHartge H3 2.1L Display MotorHartge H3 2.1L Display MotorHartge H3 2.1L Display MotorHartge H3 2.1L Display MotorHartge H3 2.1L Display MotorHartge H3 2.1L Display MotorHartge H3 2.1L Display MotorHartge H3 2.1L Display Motor

I remember European Car’s e36 project from the mid-90’s and their rave reviews about this motor. Naturally I went to bed with visions of that badass motor in something like Paul’s 2002 project. I should’ve realized that the price was far too low, but I wanted to believe it could be possible. So this morning I ran the page through Google Translator and discovered this is actually just a display engine and is missing many key internals, like the pistons! Oh well, it was a fun pretending for a little while!

Shop for Hartge parts on eBay right now!


Automotive Classifieds of Interest

1982 Hartge H3 For Sale: Hello Beautiful!

Wow! I think if you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know what a huge fan-boy I am of Alpina modified BMW’s. Hartge is definitely in the same league of tuners. Tuners like Alpina and Hartge are so well respected in Germany, and so extensive in the engineering and modification they perform, that when these cars are completed they are titled under the tuner’s brand name, not BMW!

With that foundation, check out this incredibly rare BMW e21 323i based Hartge H3 for sale in California on eBay:

Update 2.5.08: Sold for $16k. Sounds like a steal to me!

Hartge H3 e21 323i For SaleHartge H3 323i EngineHartge H3 For Sale

The e21 BMW 3 series model falls between the older BMW 1600/2002 series of 1966-1976 and the newer e30 BMW 3 series from 1983-1991. Considering how hot rare 2002’s and e30 M3’s are right now, it will be interesting to see where this e21 ends up. Historically, they have never received the love that the other two series have enjoyed. But the 323i was never imported to the states, let alone one modified by Hartge. This e21 could definitely be the exception to the rule. Not to mention the seller has done a great job with the ad including many details, photos and videos of the actual car.

I wish we didn’t need a roof or bathroom remodel because I’m really excited about this car!

Hartge H3 Links
Details on what parts make up the Hartge e21 H3
Google search for ‘hartge e21 H3’ – Note how many of the links end up displaying this very car. The owner must have been very active in the community.


Automotive Classifieds of Interest

1984 Hartge H7S For Sale on eBay U.S.

What a cool car! A gray market Hartge H7S for sale on eBay from BimmerBros:

1984 BMW e23 Hartge H7SHartge H7S For Sale in the U.S.Hartge For Sale

Offered here for your consideration is one extremely rare and quite special 1984 BMW “Hartge” H7S 735i 5 speed! This beautiful rust-free specimen is one of only three know examples in the U.S.. It features the 245 horsepower 3.5 liter engine with Hartge heads, ecu, headers, camshaft, Hartge/Momo steering wheel and shifter knob, full Hartge suspension and 16″ wheels, euro headlights, 3.25 LSD rear differential, staggered size Euro headlights, chrome Euro bumpers and hartge signature striping. Finished in lustrous “lapis” blue over blue cloth interior with Recaro seats, this unique supersedan has approximately 120,000 original miles. [the Hartge cluster was just replaced after a unit rebuild at Palo Alto speedometer did not make it operative]. Overall this is a fabulous running, driving and handling E23 sedan that is virtually irreplaceble or recreatable regrettably offered here at a low four-figure reserve price!

Featured with a $8884 buy-it-now option, and current bid is $5301 with 20 hours to go. Compared to the Alpina’s I’ve featured on, this one isn’t in quite the same condition and has higher mileage, but is also considerably cheaper — yet just as rare.

From the picture it looks like the front spoiler is missing and replaced with a stock unit, but otherwise, the car looks really complete. A tuned 3.5L ‘big six’ connected to a 5 speed transmission, killer wheels, and equipped with Hartge unobtainium sounds like fun to me. The dash strokers on the Car Lounge seem to think it’s a money pit waiting to happen, but what other cars with this kind of style and performance would you be shopping for? A Porsche 928S with a 5 speed would fetch that kind of money, and would have similar maintenance concerns. Maybe an Audi UrQuattro? Considering the company this car keeps, I think it’s definitely worth a look. Even if it does need a $5k shot in the arm upon purchase.

Update 12.26.07: Reserve not met at $5301

Update 1.14.08: Relisted. Note the comment at the bottom that ‘an old e23 should go for 1500’ LOL! Interesting to see the response too. Sounds like he needs to start then opening bid more like $6500+.

Update 3.20.08: Relisted again.

Update 4.18.08: Relisted again, but this time with a buy-it-now of $8484. At least we finally have an idea what they want for it. Think it’s worth it? Leave a comment!