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1998 Honda Integra Type R Legit Registration All Factory RHD

Well here’s something you don’t see everyday: A true JDM Honda Integra Type-R, and it’s registered! Seller states he’s a factory tech and the car is fresh. Take a look at this 1998 JDM Integra Type-R For Sale on Honda-Tech for $16.5k:

quote from seller’s post on Honda-Tech:

1998 Japan Spec Honda Integra Type R(fully loaded-drivers and pass srs,abs,p/s,and cold a/c
127000 Kilo
Clean and clear Virginia title (registered with original 10 digit serial #)
Va Emissions exempt
All oem honda glass
No dents
Flawless interior 9-10
Paint in very good shape and smooth with a couple knics here and there 8-10
Driven in the rain 5 times and have cleaned undercarriage one a month not one bit of rust!
Tires still oem Bridgestone potenza RE-01(non dot jdm)
Spoon sports air filter and rear tower bar
Spoon sports steel braded clutch slave cylinder line
J’s racing bumper intake air duct
Car is lowered in some pics had tein flex full coilovers and didnt like them so car is on factory suspension now.
Head unit is also removed with factory block off plate in place( factory harness un cut)
UK itr side markers
misc parts including i.e. honda car cover for an 00 si fits perfect
antenna delete plug extra ant included

USDM Type-R’s can be seen in this price range pretty regularly, which in my mind, makes this car even more attractive. So you have to learn how to drive with the stick in the left hand — I’ll bet the challenge is worth the reward!


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Acura Integra Type R: Any Clean Ones Left and How Does it Compare to the S2000?

I often admire the simplicity, reliability, and stunning performance of the Honda S2000. My wife and I have owned and loved two Honda Preludes, so I guess I’m a bit predisposed to the S2000 without having even driven one; I know it won’t disappoint.

Scanning classifieds returns many very clean, low mileage, and under $20k examples. Like these:

2000 Honda S2000 on eBay (PA, 22k miles, $16.5k buy-it-now):
2000 Honda S2000 For Sale

2001 Honda S2000 (TX, 37k miles, $15780 buy-it-now):
2001 Honda S2000 Yellow For Sale

And then on the way out of work the other day, I spotted an Acura Integra and realized I had nearly forgotten about the fantastic Acura Integra Type R. And I realized I had forgotten about them because I had pretty much dismissed them — I figured there weren’t any unmolested examples left. And by unmolested, I mean not totally beat on and/or heavily modified.

But I could be wrong. Within only 20 minutes, I spotted this all stock original 1997 Integra Type R on Honda-Tech (55k miles, $16.9k):

Honda Integra Type R for sale1997 Honda Integra Type R For Sale GPW1997 Acura Integra Type R White

The Type R is loaded with cool features, which I’d list, but the Wikipedia article on the Integra Type R is very complete.

So what do you think? As the S2000 and ITR are sharing the $15-20k price-point for clean examples, which would you pick? Which is the better driver’s car? Leave a comment!

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Update: This listing is very out of date. Why not check out one of these Integra Type-R’s on eBay right now:

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