Lancia Delta S4 Onboard Video at Bergrennen HillClimb

I was browsing one of my new favorites, RetroSceneMagazine, and their latest blog post featuring some link love and this great video of a Lancia Delta S4 running up a hillclimb event:

The pace and scenery are so fantastic! I’m so glad that events like this still exist! Strips of beautiful road closed off for time trials that run right in the middle of small villages, rolling country side, and deep forests. And it always reminds me how lucky we are to be able to run the Larison Rock Hillclimb right in our own backyard.

The video is stamped by Their website fails the translators so I’m not sure if they’re a club, or group of owners, or what. But they do have some nice photo galleries and full videos on the site if you care to stumble around.