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How to Flip an e30 M3 in less than 6 Months

Looks like we were right in assessing this e30 M3 I listed in September as a great buy — because it’s now listed in Seattle for over $6k more!

Check out the new listing for this 1991 BMW e30 M3 for sale on Craigslist:

1991 BMW e30 M3 Alpineweiss For Sale

quoted from CL ad for archive:

For sale is a very rare car in excellent condition! Only a few hundred M3s were imported to the US during that last year of production. The car is very stock with only a few modifications. Here’s some basic info about the car:

Mileage: 118000
Color: White (Alpinweiss II)
Interior: Black Leather
Engine: 2.3L S14

Korman chip for better mid-range performance
E36 OEM BMW Business CD Radio
Short Shifter
Staggered wheels (bought for over 1500$ on eBay!)

Recent jobs done on the car:
Front Right Wheel bearing
Complete tune up:
– wires
– spark plugs
– coil
– air filter
– ignition rotor
– distributor cap

Scratch on the hood
Crack on the dash (a dash can be bought for 100-150$ and is rather easy to install)

I checked the engine and it has perfect compression on all 4 cylinders. Also it doesn’t leak any oil at all. The mechanics on this car are really in an awesome condition. The tires on the original wheels are practically brand new. The ones on the car have some wear but can go for lots more miles. The brakes are almost new as well. The accessory belts should be replaced soon. I already have them and I was planning on replacing them in the summer. It’s a real easy job if you have some DIY skills. The car just passed the emission test with flying colors which also proves that the engine is in excellent health and very well tuned. As for the body it is in very good shape. No rust at all. The interior (other than the crack in the dash) is in perfect condition.


I am open to offers.

I like how he’s even recycling the previous seller’s pictures!

While I thought this car was a fantastic buy at $12,300 the first time, I’m not so enthusiastic about $19k. It’s not that I’m opposed to someone making some money on a good buy, but a big part of me is disappointed a real e30 M3 enthusiast didn’t land the car the first time. Maybe one will this time…



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In Memorial: 1995 BMW e36 M3

bmw e36 m3 in the fog

I saw my old e36 M3 drive by me yesterday, and I was instantly depressed. It looked great and still wears all the upgrades I had applied, especially the Stromung exhaust upgrade.

So as I cried myself to sleep last night wondering why I had let this one go, I went through old directories scouring up unpublished pics. Some are actually duplicates, some are new, and the image above was created last night from an old photo. It’s a bit over the top in terms of post-processing, but it was fun to make. Hope you enjoy,


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e46 BMW M3’s are Finally Under $30k!

I guess with the new e92 M3 and 135i introductions to the U.S. market, the e46 M3 has finally reached a below $30k price point. Check out these 3 eBay buy-it-now e46 M3’s for sale right now:

2001 e46 M3 Alpine White over Tan interior (CA, $23k) on eBay:

2001 BMW e46 M3 Alpina White For Sale

2002 BMW e46 M3 Silver For Sale on eBay (TX, $27k)

2002 BMW e46 M3 For Sale on eBay (PA, $26k):
e46 M3

The e46 M3 is now a proper value if they have a maintenance history and enthusiast care.


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1991 BMW e30 M3 For Sale: Awesome Original Alpinweiss!

Naturally I’m a sucker for the alpinweiss M3’s, and this example with 63k miles and $22k asking seems to fall right in line with current asking prices for clean and documented e30 M3’s:

1991 BMW e30 M3 for sale on Roadfly
1991 BMW e30 M3 For Sale alpinweiss

I still think that $20k+ is too much for an e30 M3, but that doesn’t mean I’m not totally star struck when I see one!

Check out other e30 BMW M3’s posted on


Update: This listing is very out of date. Why not check out one of these BMW e30 M3’s on eBay right now:

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