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1988 BMW M5 e28

Here’s a really clean looking e28 M5 for sale on Roadfly for $17k:

e28 M5 For SaleBMW M5 For Salee28 M5 Seats

Relatively low mileage, in excellent mechanical condition due to extensive recent maintenance, including transmission and head rebuilt at shops recommended by Steve Haygood, head gasket, complete exhaust system including catalytic converter, driveshaft, upper control arms, new Suspension Technique springs and Bilstein shocks replacing SLS, stainless steel brake lines, both tie rods, water pump, thermostat, radiator hoses, timing chain, slide rail, tensioner, injectors serivced and new clutch. Interior in very good condition. Needs floor mats.

Very sharp looking car with the black on tan. And the M derived straight 6 under the hood has got to propel this little car to incredible speeds!