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It’s Been Quiet Around Here, But It’s Been Going Off Over at

I know my personal blog has really been neglected this summer, but I’ve been very busy consulting. And when I’m not helping out moto-clients with web services consulting, I’m working with a great team to really dial up the Rare Sportbikes For Sale site. Check out some of the sweet rides this week alone: MC28 NSR250 SE, CBR250R Hurricane, Huge Teaser for some OW01’s, VF1000R, Bimota YB9, and well you get the idea.


If you’re in a shopping mood, I’d subscribe as the best deals are always had in the fall and early winter.


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I know, I know, the top 10 posts are way too sportbike oriented, but I can’t help it. It seems spring has sprung and sellers are anxious to capitalize on the adrenaline allergy (orgy?) season. Here are two more beautiful examples from the Bay Area Riders Forum:

1991 Honda NSR 250 SE MC21, Title and For Sale in California for $6k on BARF:

Honda NSR250 For SaleHonda MC21 NSR 250 For Sale Gray MarketHonda NSR 250 MC21 For Sale

1991 NSR 250 SE. Current CA registration, clear CA title in hand.
The SE model gets you adjustable front and rear suspension and the zoomy and always exciting dry clutch.
Near original, all stock condition with the exception of chambers and front / rear steel brake lines. Original exhaust/mufflers included. Overall, it’s in really nice shape. The chassis, swing arm, forks, wheels and other hard parts are in top condition.
Bodywork has the usual chips here and there and a bit of scuffing on the underside of the lowers.
Currently runs rich but a jet kit is on the way!

For $6k with title — you have to be kidding me! What a killer deal on a gray market specialty. Is the market dead or is the seller in a hurry? Someone call him up before he changes his mind!

1988 Yamaha FZR1000 For Sale in California with 37k miles and “entertaining offers of $2000-2500” on BARF:
1988 Yamaha FZR 1000 For Sale

Ask anyone who’s seen this bike, it’s clean.
All stock, except after market chain and sprockets, 1 down, 2 up.
37K miles.

Best offer.

I can’t remember the last time I saw an FZR1000, let alone this clean. Granted, it probably makes less power than this year’s R6, but who cares. How cool and original is this sweet bike – and for under $3k!