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I Didn’t Win Powerball, But I’m Keeping The King Air Dream Alive!

As I checked my numbers for Saturday’s Powerball, I immediately saw that someone had in fact won the jackpot. And it wasn’t me. Again!

Before checking the numbers, we took a quick trip to the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville, Oregon. I’ve lived here way too long to have never visited. And it’s almost equally as bad that I didn’t take any pictures. But there are lots to be seen on Flickr and I posted some below:

The museum is fantastic and should be seen for the Spruce Goose alone. But they have a great selection of aircraft that delight on their own merits.

Upon returning to the house, the bug to fly was really hitting me hard. So naturally I went surfing for King Air videos and found these two that I think you’ll enjoy.

The first is a great landing in Nelson, BC, set to the sound of Chris Cornell performing Seasons:


The second is the absolutely disgusting commercial for the King Air. Even if I was that wealthy, I’d like to think this ad would turn my stomach. You be the judge:

Long story short, I’m very seriously considering joining the OSU flying club, which makes getting your license and access to aircraft, very reasonable. Gotta live the dream in any capacity you can right?!