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2nd Annual Brighton Classic Car Rally November 1st

I just sent this out to a handful of car clubs in the Scottsdale area and I’m going to repost here for additional distribution:

Good morning!

I am writing to inform you of the 2nd Annual Brighton Classic Car Rally, which will take place Sunday, November 1st in Scottsdale. All classic cars are invited and entry is only $45; $20 of which is donated to Sojourner Center of Phoenix, Arizona

The event will feature a timed run, or a fun run for those who don’t wish to compete. We’ll be covering the event live on our Facebook and Twitter pages with first hand driver reports, pictures, and video. Afterwards drivers and guests are invited to enjoy live music, food and drinks. The event will be concluded with an awards ceremony.

This year we have 50 entries available, and about 19 entries remain. We are extending the registration deadline and hope your readers can help us fill this event. I would also appreciate any contacts you may suggest for further distribution.

* Official Flyer:
* Official Entry Form:
* Last Year’s Gallery:

Thank you,

Dan Crouch on behalf of Brighton Motorsports, Scottsdale, Arizona

Please feel free to copy and paste the above if you have a place that will accept it!

This event is going to be well covered on these pages as I’m attending as the new Web Services and Social Media Manager for Brighton Motorsports. This event kicks off their season and I’m really excited to be able to attend, participate, and share this experience with all the classic car enthusiasts. I’ll be live blogging here and on the Brighton Motorsports Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube accounts. How awesome is that?!

Stay tuned, and if you know of anyone in the Phoenix area that might be interested, please forward along!


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Pictures from the Start Line of the Monte Shelton Northwest Classic Rally

Portland Anniversary Trip 8.8.09 186

6780_619064911988_19710368_36481035_4288835_nThe Monte Shelton Northwest Classic Rally is an event I’ve wanted to become more knowledgeable about for a long time. My wife and I were on the coast probably 6 or 7 years ago and saw a line of classic cars heading down 101 with the Monte Shelton number plates on the sides, and I knew that some day I’d like to participate.

This year we planned to be in Portland for the start of the event to take see what it was all about. I was pleased to find that while some of the cars were in fact very valuable and rare collector cars, there were also many other vintage cars of varying rarity and value. It truly looks like an event for well prepared cars and individuals with a passion for driving in the Pacific Northwest. The event also serves as benefit for the March of Dimes which I thought was a nice touch as well.

I’ve never done a TSD rally before, but it looked like there were plenty of first-timers at the event and the morning meeting promised no surprises. And for those not interested in competing, there was even an opportunity to simply follow the route for fun and join everyone at the checkpoints.

I look forward to getting an eligible classic sometime soon so I can participate too. In the meantime, here are the pics outside start/finish line in Downtown Portland:

Portland Anniversary Trip 8.8.09_1167

Portland Anniversary Trip 8.8.09_1251

Portland Anniversary Trip 8.8.09_1132

Portland Anniversary Trip 8.8.09 213

Portland Anniversary Trip 8.8.09 195

My full gallery is here (348 pics!):

And I stumbled onto this YouTube picture gallery as well: