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The German Car and Rare SportBike Blogs Round-Up For Early December

Here are my picks for early December from and

1968 Porsche 912 For Sale in Bahama Yellow: The owner of this car has dropped the price $1100 in less than a month’s time and would seem to indicate a motivated seller. While the motor isn’t the original, it is rebuilt. And this isn’t going to be a concours car anyway. His website has many articles on the model and the classified ad on Pelican Parts is refreshingly honest. Personally if I were buying, I’d keep it as is if the rust was livable and drive the balls off it!
1989 Honda VFR400 NC30 in Alabama: Interesting for sale posting to say the least. But the bike looks really sharp and clean. He goes on to explain that it’s titled and tagged in Alabama.
1991 Porsche 964 Carrera RUF RCT Conversion: A really rare opportunity without question. But only serious collectors are likely to get excited considering the $69900 buy-it-now listed on the ad.
1989 Yamaha FZR 400 For Sale in Vegas: The FZR400 has an aluminum frame compared to the steel frame of the FZR600, which is cheaper and heavier. Many FZR400’s were snapped up by club racers and never to be seen on the street again. But apparently there are more out there ready for street duty than I thought!
1999 Alpina B12 6.0 For Sale in Spain: The BMW e38 really is a fine platform and I can only imagine what the Alpina version brings to the table. According to the Alpina Archive website entry on the B12, it’ll do a standing quarter mile faster than a Ferrari 355!
Beautiful and Original 1986 Suzuki GSX-R 750 For Sale: The red and black is a really stunning combination and I can’t say the last time I saw an 86 this clean and original. And it’s not like these are going to become easier to find…
1988 BMW e28 M5 For Sale with only 41k Miles!: In the U.S., the e28 M5 really is more rare than the e30 M3. Can you imagine what a 44k mile e30 M3 would have for an asking?!
1998 Ducati Superbike 996RS: They Don’t Get Much More Rare Than This!: Collector race cars and bikes are not really an arena I’m well versed in, but one thing is for sure: It’s a very rare machine anyway, and it’s been ridden by Troy Bayliss. It’d look great parked under the Christmas tree I’m sure!
2000 BMW e39 M5 For Sale with only 4k Miles!: I’m just saying, if my lotto ticked gets punched this week, I’d take this over the newest version. If I remain mortal without the winnings, I might still think a well looked after used e39 M5 might be in the cards considering they now hover in the low 20’s for asking price.
Two Porsche 944’s For Sale: Less Than 50k Miles Combined!: I realize the prices are steep, but the pictures really seem to demonstrate two really clean and original cars. Those interior pictures could be from a brochure. Considering these cars are practically new, they could be considered a cheap means to nearly new Porsche ownership compared to the MSRP of today’s new Porsches!
Automotive Classifieds of Interest German Cars For Sale Motorcycles

GermanCarsForSaleBlog and RareSportBikesForSale Weekly Summary

Another great week as we get deeper into fall and more examples come up for sale at the end of the season. And as the popularity of these two blogs increases, more and more enthusiasts are finding their way to these blogs on a regular basis and the conversations have been great. Many great comments are coming on posts about model history, previous ownership, and value discussions.

Thanks to all those who have been leaving comments with suggestions and insight for other readers!


Automotive Classifieds of Interest

1980 Volvo 242GT: Awesome and Unmolested Original!

I spotted this great looking example on VWVortex while surfing the other night and IM’d the owner. Turns out it’s for sale in Connecticut for only $6500:

1980 Volvo 242GT For Sale on Swedespeed:

quote from the poster’s listing:

up for sale is my stepdads 242 GT. The car is in great shape. The interior is 10 out of 10, the exterior is an 8. The car is all original and a one owner car. The car was bought by my step dad in 1980. the car had 180k on it but it was mostly driven during the summer time and garaged in the winter.

the car comes with.

ARE mesh wheels, 2 peice.( bbs RS reps) new tires.
Original 5 spoke GT Wheels. all of them just refinished.
OEM GT lip spoiler
Rear bushing SET
400 dollars in tech manuals.
2 extra VDO GT gauge clusters.
2 recaro seats( one had a hole in the backing due to chemical burn
hella ralle 1000 black magic driving lights
anything else i can think of i will post

car also has a full bilstein suspension. We also rebuilt the overdrive last year with the IPD rebuild kit. Car has had synthetic oil changes every 3k. also comes with a nardi steering wheel

located in simsbury CT.

Not only am I super fan of the early 240 series cars (I owned 3 of them), but I dare you to find a cooler 80’s classic for $6500 in this condition! This car has the very rare aeronautical gauge set which I’ve only seen in one other car, the perfect ARE mesh wheels to compliment, and is a 2 door GT model, which is rare in it’s own right. The only 240 series more sought after is the flat nose turbo, and I can’t say I’ve ever seen one for sale.

Good luck with the sale hustle-dubs!


Automotive Classifieds of Interest German Cars For Sale

Mercedes W202 C43 AMG: Hot or Not?

This is a guest post from Blair on the debatable Mercedes W202 C43 AMG:

AMG, three letters that conjure visions of doing stupid speeds while hunkered behind a Valentine 1 avoiding the local boys in blue. Yes, AMG does really stand for Autobahn fury; quite opposite the way M for BMW means running the curves while wearing skinny driving shoes. No Mercedes AMG is all about luxury, power, and dropping the German hammer with straight ribbons of asphalt in-front of the car.

So this evening when I remembered a model I had lusted after a few years back, then watched an episode of Top Gear where they drove the new CLK63 AMG Black Edition, I had to jump on Craigslist.

And there it was, a C43 AMG – less than 100K on the odometer, silver, and apparently enthusiast owned. Perfect right? Well not exactly – it left me wanting. The styling is dull compared to todays AMG models and even the recently introduced C-class makes this look more comfortable heading to Nordstrom’s for the Half Yearly Sale, it doesn’t look all that aggressive – in fact it looks like something my sister might drive. Gah, and she drives an ML.

So here it is a late model German rocket sedan for under $10K and I have no desire to own it. I am trying so hard to find that one car that gets me to dive head first back into a sporting car and everywhere I look I am left wanting…

Is there help out there for me? Or is this a cool car and I’m just crazy?

Mercedes C43 AMG For Sale in PortlandMercedes C43 AMG For Sale Leather InteriorMercedes C43 AMG For Sale

A Best Motoring Clip of the C43 in action sideways:

Post a comment with your reaction and feedback! Thanks for your post Blair!


Mrs. Rubley Spots the Edmunds Audi R8 in Corvallis

My wife sent me this shot from her cel phone of a gray Audi R8 spotted in Corvallis this past weekend:

Audi R8 in Corvallis Edmunds Road Test

I briefly considered that in may be the Edmunds long term test car since they were heading up I-5 to Seattle. But I dismissed it as I figured they’d fly right by our little town.

Turns out, it was the Edmunds long term test car. They just posted a blog entry about hitting Mary’s Peak:

Audi R8 Edmunds long term test

And btw, that’s when you know it’s true love. When your wife stops dead in her tracks to send you an IM with a picture of an R8 when you’re 350 miles from home 😀

I have a handful of Mary’s Peak pictures on my Flickr, check ’em out.